Roros Norway history town photo of a door with heart.

Roros, Norway offers endless charm and, in the winter, plenty of dark days and snow! Located in central Norway on a high plain Roros is a small village that, as a historic mining town, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The mid-November snowfall we experienced while visiting made it all the more charming.

The subject: Roros, Norway’s old mining town isn’t just a tourist jaunt. In fact, people still live in many of these historic log homes lined up side-by-side as they march down the narrow back street. The area is called “Sleggveien” or “Slag Way,” for the leftover mining materials there. The streets are filled with little cottages, old smelter’s huts, cabins and sheds. It feels like an outdoor museum. (Read more about the town in our story, “Visit Roros, Norway.”

The inspiration: On our gander around the area, it wasn’t really twilight, but it felt like it. In mid-November, when the sun’s arc from sunrise to sunset remains so low in the sky, the part of the day where there is the most light still like feels about what we would consider twilight at home. And with snow-filled clouds, fluffy banks of powder everywhere, and flakes drifting down, it was honestly quite magical.

Every historic building begs to be photographed, but this little shed door was particularly sweet with a beguiling metal heart decorating the well-worn and quite weathered door. I suppose I could have tried to light the candle for an even better scene but that would not have been the scene as I found it! One can only think about the hay that is perhaps stored inside, maybe the goats or chickens, or perhaps the shed for wood that would keep the owner’s cottage cozy all winter long.

Artist’s tools: My Nikon D90 still serves me well for many an adventure, as does the 18-105mm lens f/3.5-5.6, both of which I got when I returned to photography after about 25 years! What I like about this focal length on a lens is its ability to capture almost everything for me without fiddling with changing lens or being draped with several cameras with different lenses. I’m a simple photographer like that. I was set at a 1/30th of second at f/4.2 (remember in November in Roros, Norway, mid-day still means pretty dark!). My focal length was 34mm on my crop frame camera! I also try to avoid over-processing so this has only the simplest of touches.

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Roros, Norway offers endless charm and, in the winter, plenty of dark days and snow! Located in central Norway on a high plain Roros is a small village that, as a historic mining town, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mid-November snowfall we experienced while visiting made it all the more charming.

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Map of Norway

In the map below, pins mark the location of all the sites mentioned in our articles on Norway. Zoom in or out on the map using the controls. Switch easily from map to satellite view. Click on each pin to pull up a tooltip with the name and any additional information. For more detailed planning help, refer to our What to do in Oslo and What to do in Bergen travel guides.  

Oslo Main Train Station

Bergen Main Train Station - Bergen

Myrdal Train Station

Flam Train Station

Gudvangen Ferry Terminal

Roros Visitors Center

National Museum of Decorative Arts - Trondheim

Ringve Music Museum - Trondheim

Trondheim Museum of Art

Old Town Bakklandet - Trondheim

Nidaros Cathedral - Trondheim

Archbishop's Palace and Museum - Trondheim

Old Town Bridge - Trondheim

Kristiansten Fort - Trondheim

Sverresborg - Trondelag Folk Museum - Trondheim

Stiffsgarden Royal Residence - Trondheim

Medieval Church Ruins in the Library - Trondheim

Alesund and Sunnmore Tourist Office

Centre of Art Nouveau - Alesund

Fjellstua Viewpoint - Alesund

Theta Museum - Bergen

Bergen Maritime Museum - Bergen

University Museum of Bergen

Bryggen - Bergen

Fløibanen Funicular - Bergen

Bergenhus Festning - Bergen

Hanseatic Museum - Bergen

Bergen Aquarium - Bergen

Det Lille Kaffekompaniet - Bergen

Skottegaten - Bergen

Bergen Visitors Center - Bergen

Hurtigruten Terminal - Bergen

Hurtigruten Terminal - Kirkenes

Hurtigruten Terminal - Trondheim

Vigeland Park - Oslo

Royal Palace - Oslo

Old Aker Church - Oslo

Oslo Domkirke - Oslo

Edward Munch Museum - Oslo

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum - Oslo

Akershus Fortress - Oslo

Resistance Museum - Oslo

Clarion Collection Hotel Bastion

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