Month: November 2015

Holiday Travel Gift Guide 2015: 10 perfect picks

From stocking stuffers to more elegant gift selections or even for those wacky athletic folks, you will be sure to find something in our holiday travel gift guide that will delight even the most selective and picky traveling friend or family member. Now, here are our winning suggestions for your Holiday Travel Gift Guide 2015:

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Packing light: smart load-trimming tips

If you aren’t a frequent traveler, packing for holiday or vacation travel means more anxiety about how to fulfill the packing light mantra. Who wants to schlep a bulging, obese suitcase? But what about all that “stuff” you might need? Tips for packing your luggage lighter are really all about adjusting your attitude. The “might” in “might need” is key here. First and foremost, forget what the Boy Scouts say about always being prepared. “Just in case” is only applicable if you are heading across the Sahara on an extreme hike or to the top of Everest for a little...

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Dog sledding in Norway: Mush your own husky team

When in Norway, do as the Norwegians do: Go dog sledding! But forget all of those ride-along experiences if you want a little adventure with your dog sledding in Norway. You really can mush your own team of huskies through a snow-covered forest.

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L.L. Bean DuraReader glasses a lifesaver

L.L. Bean DuraReader glasses are a lifesaver. When you don’t wear glasses all of the time, it’s all too easy to forget to pack along a pair when out traveling. So what happens when you suddenly come across a sign or need to recheck your location on a map, be it paper or electronic? Yup, guesswork and frustration. HI Travel Tales has reviewed take-along travel readers before (see our review of the Thin Optics), but L.L. Bean has a new entry to the no-break, pack-along travel readers: DuraReaders.

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