Month: June 2018

My Travel Tales with Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain is our guest on this episode of My Travel Tales. In the summer of 2007, with a camera and notebook in hand, Ajay left behind a corporate career for good and began driving, eventually ending up in Kunzum La (a very remote pass in the Indian Himalayas). He was so taken by the destination he named his business after it. Since then, he has been traveling all over India, and also covering a fair amount of the world, chronicling his journeys in blog posts and in his photography books. You’ll hear all about his beloved Indian Himalayas and much more in our conversation.

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My Travel Tales with Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire is our guest on this episode of My Travel Tales. Listen in to find out how the search for an easy college class while playing Division 1 soccer at San Diego State University led him down a path of adventure, travel, and now as part of the executive team at Eagle Creek. Learn too why even an experienced world traveler like Tim can end up in the wrong country while simply trying to get back to his hotel. And what does this experienced adventure traveler always pack with him where ever he goes in the world?

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My Travel Tales with Soraya Shattuck

Since witnessing ivory being set on fire in Kenya as a child, Soraya Shattuck has been driven to help the travel community understand, minimize and mitigate negative impacts of travel. Listen in to Soraya’s My Travel Tales episode to learn more about her and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund.

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My Travel Tales with Katie and Jim Thomsen

Katie and Jim Thomsen were living in Antwerp, Belgium when Katie returned from a kayaking trip off Vancouver Island, British Columbia and announced, “I could live on a boat.” That started a path of global adventuring that hasn’t begun to slow down yet. Listen in to our podcast to learn more.

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