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We are Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian, the husband-and-wife team behind the HI Travel Tales curtain – and, yes, despite travel’s occasional travails, we remain happily married and always look forward to the next trip together. We are veteran travel journalists and photographers — not Instagram bikini influencers (no one wants to see Michael in a bikini anyway!)

HI Travel Tales is dedicated to inspiring meaningful travel adventures around the world with a focus on immersive travel experiences. We discover the unexpected and extraordinary even in the most common of destinations. Our award-winning writing and photography guides travelers and non-travelers alike on a journey of discovery and wonder.

We love sharing stories from other travelers, too, and have a growing slate of wonderful contributors. We are also surrogate parents to a rather large and still growing family of stuffed animals who all have names and invariably fight over who gets to go on the next trip (Michael sometimes insists two go, hiding one in Therese’s carry-on.)

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We’ve won a number of travel writing and photography awards along the way.

Gold Seal 29th NATJA Awards Competition Camel Mustafa
Silver Seal 29th Awards
Bronze Seal 29th Awards
IFWTWA First Place Gold Medal

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We are travelers. Always have been. We engage. We explore. We immerse ourselves everywhere we go. We are both uber-curious and enthusiastic about sharing our experiences. Here are a few of our latest travel stories.

What to do in Presidio San Francisco: adventure, views, history, dining

What to do in Presidio San Francisco: adventure, views, history, dining

The Presidio of San Francisco was once a military base and is now a 1,500-acre urban park. The Presidio is now a major recreation destination with miles of hiking trails, bike routes, and numerous scenic overlooks. Crissy Field, Fort Point, Baker Beach and numerous historic buildings housing restaurants, businesses and museums make a visit to the Presidio a must.

The best railbike adventure – Find railbikes near me

The best railbike adventure – Find railbikes near me

Railbikes have been used on railroad tracks since the 1800s. It wasn’t until recently that individuals and companies began designing railbikes and offering railbike trips for the public. Railbiking companies are numerous. Our guide will help you to find the best railbike adventure near you and to understand what railbiking is.

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