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If you are reading this, it is because you are interested in working with HI Travel Tales (by advertising or becoming a contributor), and that makes us very happy. Please read the following carefully and to the end, because if your pitch makes it clear you did not read our guidelines, we won’t respond to it.

Editorial Focus

HI Travel Tales is dedicated to inspiring and meaningful travel adventures around the world with a focus on immersive travel experiences. We discover the unexpected and extraordinary even in the most common of destinations. We pride ourselves on publishing award-winning writing and photography that will guide travelers and non-travelers alike on a journey of discovery and wonder.

If the above paragraph resonates with you as a contributor, sponsor, or advertiser, then we say, hip hip hooray, we are closer to working together. But, keep reading to learn exactly what pitches we are seeking.

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Be Clear Before You Pitch

Realize that any pitches for sponsored links, advertising, guest posts, or sponsored posts must match our editorial focus, no exceptions. If they don’t, we are not going to be interested, and there is no sense in wasting your time or ours by trying to pitch us anyway (We don’t write about automated dog feeders, the newest fad diet, or 10 ways to be a bikini influencer and get paid to travel the world.) And please don’t begin a pitch with a canned form letter such as (and this is real) “I’m a huge fan of your site. In fact, I’ve really been enjoying visiting your blogs, and I’ve learned quite a lot of things from reading your written pieces.” So, if we asked you to name your five favorite articles we’ve published in the last year and why you love them, you’d be able to, right?  Finally, do not start your email off with “Dear editor” or “Hi Editor.” Seriously? If you don’t want us to hit the delete button, you at least need to know our names.

The best way to demonstrate you know our website and understand our editorial focus and style is first to subscribe.

Guest Posts

We are both award-winning travel writers and photographers, and the two of us produce the majority of the content at However, we are open to solid pitches from established writers / photographers who are interested in working with HI Travel Tales to help us expand our content library. Believe it or not, we do pay for the content we publish – it won’t be enough to retire on, but it will allow you some spare beer money (wine if you prefer). If you are interested in writing for us, use our contact form to reach out with a brief paragraph that makes clear your writing experience, photography experience, your pitch, and why you should write it for us. Our writing style is one that tells stories insightfully, often quite personally, sometimes sprinkled with a bit of humor and always showcasing real insider knowledge. content is also very visual by design; thus, it is a requirement you are able to provide photography with your written content. If you do not own the rights to your photographs, we will not accept your pitch – and yes, you keep all the rights to your photos.

We DO NOT accept any pitches for guest editorial posts from sponsored writers or commercial businesses. If this is you, then read our next three sections on sponsored posts, advertising or paid links.

Sponsored Posts

We have successfully worked with a number of brands on sponsored content and are happy to work with brands to create sponsored posts that are in line with our editorial focus and our brand image. We will only work with companies we trust, and which provide travel services or travel products we will use ourselves.

IF we accept a sponsored post proposal, we will be the ones writing the content to ensure the tone and style is consistent with ours. If the sponsored post is destination-specific, we will need to visit the destination to be sure we are writing from personal experience and are using photographs we have taken. If it is about a product or service, we need to use the product or experience the service.

Sponsored posts run between 750 to 1,500 words with up to six photos. We require that each sponsored post published on our website be clearly marked as a paid, sponsored post with an industry-accepted and FTC-required disclaimer. We will allow up to two no-follow links to a sponsor’s website. All sponsored posts include social media sharing as part of the package.

Pricing per post is determined by content length, number of photos, and prescribed social media sharing, plus any travel expenses required for the post.

If you are interested in a sponsored post, please use our contact form to briefly describe your company, its services or products, and the specific idea you have for a sponsored post.


We have limited display ad opportunities on, and most often these spots go to our content marketing partners and affiliate friends. We will consider advertising-only partnerships on a case-by-case basis, and only if the advertising is specifically related to travel.

We do NOT accept advertising, sponsored posts, or paid links from gambling, dating, or sex sites, so please don’t waste our time.

Paid Links

We do NOT offer free links to brands, even if you feel your content will “benefit our readers” or you promise you’ll “share our post to your thousands of followers.”  We will, however, consider paid no-follow links to select brand partners within existing editorial content only if the link makes sense to the content where it is to be placed. Links will be sold for a term of one year, renewable annually. We will only allow links that we believe will benefit our readers and that ensure we are able to maintain our high standards for editorial integrity.

Product Testing and Reviews

We frequently accept products to test, but only when we know we will be able to use the product in the field for an extended period of time and then, potentially, include it in a product roundup, buying guide, or how-to on our website.

Content Partnerships

We are experts at understanding how to most effectively work with partners to create custom sponsored content and marketing packages that include:

  • Content creation for both our website and an advertiser’s blog including photos and text.
  • Targeted social media marketing
  • Giveaways and sweepstakes
  • Brand Ambassador services including public appearances, wearing branded gear in photos, etc.
  • Product testing and trip evaluation

Now that you have made it to the end, congratulations! And thank you for your interest in working with HI Travel Tales. Now, you are ready to make a pitch if the above sounds like a good fit. You can learn a bit more about us, our brand, and style of writing in our About Us section here. And you can access our Media Kit here.  And if you are ready to make that pitch, head to our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.