Georgia, a former Soviet republic at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, has its arms open to welcome travelers from all corners of the globe. This is your invitation to adventure in Georgia.

As you will gain a glimpse of in this short video from our friends at GLP Films, the rugged and stunningly pristine Caucasus Mountains are a paradise for adventure travelers. In this film, you will see the David Gareji Monastery, literally perched on top of and carved into the mountains. The view from the monastery down into low-lying Azerbaijan is unforgettable.

And as you will hear and feel, travelers to the country should expect to be welcomed with open arms. In fact, there is a saying in the country that “guests are a gift from God.”

Eka runs the vineyard in Kakheti (Danieli Winery) you see in the film, and an adventure company, Wild Georgia. You’ll also meet Alex, with the Georgian Paragliding Federation, whose grandmother got him into the sport from her background as a skydiver.

Interesting tidbit: While Georgia is a relatively small country in area (70,000 square kilometers or 27,000 square miles), 12 different climate zones are within its borders, from alpine (the Caucasus soar to 16,000 feet) to subtropical to semi-arid. This makes Georgia one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet. It also means adventurers can find a little bit of everything, including untamed rivers, scalable canyon walls, and monastery-topped summits inviting exploration.

To learn more about adventure in Georgia, visit Georgia Travel.

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