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by Jan 28, 2019Argentina

Michael Hodgson And Therese Iknoian In The Infinity Pool At The

The Arakur Resort is a spectacular hotel that overlooks the city of Ushuaia, Argentina, and specializes in comfort, quiet and pampering. Read why we love the Arakur Resort.

The Arakur Resort & Spa  is a spectacular hotel that overlooks the city of Ushuaia, Argentina, and specializes in comfort, quiet and pampering … which is exactly what you want after making your way to the southernmost tip of South America, appropriately dubbed “the end of the world.”

Situated on a hilltop at the edge of town, the Arakur Ushuaia, sits in its own 247-acre natural reserve called Cerro Alarken where you can take in a 360-degree view just minutes out the hotel’s backdoor.

Of course, you can hike much farther, too. Whether you do the gentle stroll or a half-day hike with a lunch packed by the Arakur is your choice after a grueling journey and perhaps before a cruise onward since so many ships head out from Ushuaia to Antarctica and beyond.

We arrived via taxi – an inexpensive, easy ride for the 6 miles from the airport – and were greeted by a hospitable desk staff that likely realizes new arrivals are often bleary with jet lag. They get you checked in, explain all the amenities at the Arakur Resort, and get you scooted off to your room quickly, even early. Although as you drag your suitcase along the lobby toward the elevator, you can’t help but gape at the expansive lobby, fireplace seating, and the floor-to-ceiling windows…. There are those views again.

Typicl room in the Arakur Resort

The room is simple and refined with high-tech controls and lighting that may take a little getting used to. There is of course a large desk, which could even accommodate two if you asked for a second chair. Quiet? Well, of course, although one warning is the constant crunch of gravel under tires if your room is overlooking the front road and parking area. A complimentary shuttle from hotel-to-city runs every hour from about 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., with a return every hour too. (Sadly, you really cannot walk to town since the road is winding and dusty in the summer and has plenty of snow in the winter.)

Spa Indoor Arakur

What will of course grab you at the Arakur Resort are the pools, spa and workout areas, included with your stay, no hidden resort fees!

And you will want to leave time to indulge, as we did daily.

Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel Arakur

Now, about eating. Yes! The breakfast buffet is, dare we say it, to DIE for – and included in all room rates. It offers  anything and everything your little heart desires – and more…. Our tip: Go late enough to make that your first and only meal other than dinner in the evening! Of course, there are those views again from the dining room, and the window tables are very popular!

Pingo and Olaf enjoy the wine and munchies in the bar with a view at the Arakur Resort

The restaurant is also popular, and you will need reservations. Note, it will make a good dent in your wallet. We quite enjoyed the bar area and the simple food we could get there – with those omnipresent views.

Owners of the Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa made an effort to use colors that would not be obnoxious and to incorporate the hotel into the rocks and trees, while using materials present on site. In fact, rocks and materials were used as decor in the building, adding natural materials like natural fibers and wood. The carpet is made of llama, with some wood on the restaurant level coming from Patagonian Cherry. The Arakur Resort opened in 2014, after seven years of construction, due to harsh winter weather limiting construction during that season. It now has 117 rooms and suites.

Construction at Hotel Arakur with the view to be

We were lucky enough in early 2018 to get a look at the fourth floor, where the Arakur was building out an all-suite level with even more privacy. At the time of this writing we were told that level would be finished by the end of 2019 with 17 additional suites.

Therese looking out from overlook just above Hotel Arakur

The Arakur Resort is a popular hotel for ships to house their clients pre- and sometimes post-cruises (we were there with Polar Latitudes), partly because it’s large enough to also hold a few hundred people and there are also meeting rooms for pre-cruise meetings. That means that during the Antarctica cruise season, it can be, one, very busy and, two, expensive. That season runs from about November to March, and we were told the low season at the hotel is April, May and June with correspondingly great prices. Note also that gratuities at the hotel are included in the price – what a great feature – and additional tips on top of that are used to help further develop and maintain the nature reserve.

Fin Del Mundo End Of Story

If you are not heading out to Antarctica, Falklands, Georgia or the likes, Ushuaia makes a great stop itself, only a short distance from hikes in the Tierra del Fuego, with one that takes you to the border of Chile. Other hikes include the Glacier El Martial and Cerro Castor, both are ski resorts and you may need rides or a taxi to the base. And please pack layers and water since weather is quite changeable in Ushuaia. Book your stay at Arakur Resort & Spa here. We use to save you money, and by booking through this link, we earn a small commission too, which helps us out.

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  1. Punita Malhotra

    The breakfast does look fresh and inviting. Simple rooms but with that view, it doesn’t matter. You said they have a 247-acre natural reserve…wow!

    • HI Travel Tales

      and that photo is only a small portion of the breakfast! couldn’t fit it all in. being able to take a nice hike out the door was lovely.

  2. Heather Trimm

    I was SO excited to read this post. Perfect timing since I will be visiting Ushuaia in March! I will have to look and see if we’re staying here (I don’t remember…I’ve slept since then)! The views are gorgeous and the breakfast also looked fabulous. Also quite convenient that they offer a shuttle. I’m quite jealous of that hot tub view!!!

    • HI Travel Tales

      glad the timing is good! hope you also get to enjoy it.

  3. Lauren

    Ok that VIEW from the window is enough to convince me!!! Coupled with the view from the pool, this place looks amazing. I’d love to make it to Argentina, and I look forward to being able afford a place when I do!!

    • HI Travel Tales

      swimming in the pool with that view … yes, it is amazing.

  4. Freedom56Travel

    Argentina is a bucket-list destination for and I’m so glad to know there’s a great hotel in Ushuaia. Thanks for your comprehensive review!

    • HI Travel Tales

      You are welcome … I hope you make it to Ushuaia. We have many other stories from Argentina is you are wanting to research your own adventure. It is an amazing country!

  5. Daniels Beitss

    I love the views but I would defo go for the pools here. Hoping to get out to Ushuaia in the next year or two, so would love to check out this resort. Your review has convinced me to stay here when I eventually get here. Breakfast looks great also.

    • HI Travel Tales

      You will love Ushuaia when you do get there. And yes, the breakfast is super … but challenging as it is so hard to say no to anything, meaning you best be running or walking a lot afterward. 😉

  6. The.Holidaymaker

    What a view! It looks like the perfect place to wind down and just relax. It is too bad that shuttle into town restricts you somewhat, but likely just requires some pre planning. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    • HI Travel Tales

      It is not too much of a restriction as the schedule is regular. And there are plenty of nice cafes and places to hang out to wait for the shuttle pick up in town should you need. And yes, we had an amazing time.

  7. Leah

    Those views from the resort are incredible! I love how simple the rooms are too

    • HI Travel Tales

      The views are stunning and the rooms are extremely comfortable.

  8. Darah

    Wow…I really want to stay there! I love the idea of hiking all day and returning to luxury. Then you can get grubbed up and rested up before the next hike!

    • HI Travel Tales

      yea, pretty sweet, the hike then soak in a hot spa with views! it’s a winning combo.

  9. LocaOnTheRoad

    I would like to stay here for the views alone! And I wouldn’t mind the pampering either! We visited Ushuaia and it is one of the places I want to go back to. I really enjoyed it there, the views, the Beagle Channel. Someday we will get there again. Thanks for taking me back to good times!

    • HI Travel Tales

      Totally worth it, and we can’t wait to go back either.

  10. The Travel Bunny

    I love the idea of a spa day, especially on weather like this. The view from the pools is amazing, I’d spend a whole day just soaking there and drinking cocktails.

    • HI Travel Tales

      Yup, an extra day on the stay is a must to fit in a little R&R too!

  11. Arnav Mathur

    With such views to wake up to, I’d never leave the place. Arakur Resort and Spa, is indeed a place to be enjoyed and experienced b everyone, not only for the panoramic views it offers, but also for its hospitality.

    • HI Travel Tales

      absolutely, and it can be tempting to just stay but then you don’t get to see Ushuaia or hike in the Tierra del Fuego!!! so plan on an extra day there to have time to enjoy the Arakur

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