I was sitting a chair at the dentist’s office, pretty comfy in my Arborwear Canopy pants, which have also become a go-to everyday wear. Then my dental hygienist walks in and immediately exclaims, “Those pants look amazing, I have to get a pair for my husband!” You know your pants are scoring when even your dental hygienist notices them.

And well she should. While the Arborwear Canopy pants are on the pricey side ($130), they are frankly worth every penny. I’ve been wearing one pair very frequently for over two years and another for just under a year. Yet, both look as good as the day I first slipped them on.

Let’s start with the comfort factor, since no matter how good a pair of pants looks, if they aren’t comfortable, a man just isn’t going to wear them. Sitting, standing or walking in warm weather or cool, I have never felt one iota of pinch, pull, tug or binding. Total freedom and ease. That’s thanks to the 4-way stretch nylon and elastane fabric blend, plus articulation at the knees. And unlike many jeans, which can be comfy but can get hot, I have never felt overheated when the mercury hits the upper end of the thermometer.

The fabric is also super durable. This pair of pants has accompanied me on and off planes, trains, boats and automobiles, over countless trails, and along numerous dog walks and urban errands, yet after several years of this it isn’t even showing the tiniest wear.

Look to the Teflon-coated fabric to make the pants even more ideal for travel. No matter what sort of mustard you splatter, wine you splash, or oily sauce you spill (no, honey, I would NEVER do that…), the pants just wipe clean. I had a woman in a middle seat on a plane next to me dump a tomato drink all over her food tray, dousing herself, her husband at the window, and myself on the aisle. I was the only one smiling since I simply took a damp cloth from the flight attendant and wiped away any vestige of the spill. Pants looked as good as new.

Arborwear Canopy pants close detail showing pockets and fit.

The side zipper pocket and zippered rear pocket ensure a semblance of security for items you want to ensure simply don’t fall out when scrambling out of the shuttle for your soon-to-depart train. And of course, there are two front pockets for when you have to pose for a photo and don’t know where to put your hands.

HI Travel Tales Seal of Approval for Travel Product ExcellenceThe Arborwear Canopy pants are so comfortable, I’ve been tempted to slip them on over a pair of slippers, perhaps wear them to bed…. Uh, honey, no? I guess not, considering that look.

Are they dressy enough for going out at night? Well, if the dress code is casual or edges toward informal, sure. But otherwise, probably not. However, on the trail, train, plane or cobblestone street, in a store or airport, or even in the dentist’s chair, the Arborwear Canopy pants will quickly become an old friend. And that is reason enough to give them a HITT Seal of Approval for travel product excellence.

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