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Nikki Hodgson

By day, I'm the Sustainable Business Innovation Manager at Outdoor Industry Association, helping to facilitate the OIA Sustainability Working Group and the development of industry standards around environmental and social responsibility. I have BA degrees in English and German from Humboldt State University and an M.A. in international environmental policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I spent a few years living out of a suitcase, working for international environmental NGOs on climate adaptation policy in both the Middle East and Europe, before joining OIA. Throughout it all, I've worked as a freelance writer and photographer, documenting my misadventures in the mountains and overseas, while kayaking, climbing, skiing, biking, running, and horse wrangling.
Airfare add ons are reaching the absurd

Airfare add ons are reaching the absurd

Flying on too many airlines in the world these days requires a calculator to determine all the airfare add ons unless you are privileged enough to have more than an average level of frequent flier status. Airfare add ons for luggage. More add ons for carry ons and luggage. Adding it all up can drive you crazy. Thanks to one of our intrepid world travelers for providing us so much fodder to create this decidedly, but not so far off, tongue-in-cheek ticket add-on detail…

Author: Nikki Hodgson