Author: Nikki Hodgson

Airfare add ons are reaching the absurd

Flying on too many airlines in the world these days requires a calculator to determine all the airfare add ons unless you are privileged enough to have more than an average level of frequent flier status. Airfare add ons for luggage. More add ons for carry ons and luggage. Adding it all up can drive you crazy. Thanks to one of our intrepid world travelers for providing us so much fodder to create this decidedly, but not so far off, tongue-in-cheek ticket add-on detail…

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Travel Packing Advice: Never leave home without these 5 items

Planning an international voyage? Need some travel packing advice? Here are a few items I’ve found indispensable in my misadventures…er…I mean travels around the world. Travel Packing Advice Item #1: Running shoes You never know when you might stumble across a marathon and feel compelled to sign up for it. Travel Packing Advice Tip 1. This is how you should tie your running shoes to your pack to ensure that they don’t fall off while you’re racing to catch a train in Germany. Downsides: You’ll have to actually run the marathon. Travel Packing AdviceĀ Item #2: Petzl Tikka Headlamp Strobe...

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