Aventura Scarf ReviewOne of the things that is a MUST for women on just about any travel adventure is a scarf. Don’t leave home without one. And if you’re on the road for a few weeks (or more!) it’d better be one that will go with, well, just about everything.

Pick one that’s a slightly lighter weight for spring/summer travel or one that is a bit more heft for cooler seasons – but, in this traveler’s opinion, not a bulky knit thing. Rather a moderate to lighter weight style that you can wrap around your neck a few times to offset a slight chill or breeze. That could be on the airplane, in a drafty rental room, in an over-air-conditioned hotel room or restaurant, or in a car, train or bus. Seriously, this is a must-have. I find that sometimes a scarf is all I need to ward off a slightly chilly feeling – not a jacket or sweater.

One thing Aventura Clothing does really well is offer a huge range of scarves, most of them long enough to wrap around your neck a few times and tuck inside the collar of a jacket or sweater if need be too.

So I tried the Palesa Aventura Scarf, which is a generous 29 inches by 70 inches. When it arrived, it felt a bit stiff and rough, so immediately I did a quick gentle wash on it, and that softened it up. A few wears later, and it had that comfy lived-in feeling. The two-tone design allows it to go with a lot of things – exactly what we love at HI Travel Tales! Multifunction to lighten the load. But something that can add a slightly dressed-up flair too.  One can indeed travel and not look like a scruffy hitchhiker in dire need of a shower.

The description says it has a 1-inch fringe, but honestly, it’s more of a slight fray at the end. And that is one of our criticisms, as much as I love it: The fray kinda keeps fraying a bit. We have had to clip off a few random threads that catch here and there. It hasn’t ruined the scarf and, as I said, I still love it and wear it. But a warning in that regard is in order.

All in all: Not a bad number to add to the scarf wardrobe for spring or summer travel. Plus, Aventura has a huge selection for other tastes and seasons too.

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