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by Jan 30, 2020Berlin Region

Berlin is endlessly fascinating and remains one of our favorite cities and travel destinations in the world. We’re continually shooting Berlin photos of the cool things we see and experience, and we’ve included the best of our Berlin Instagram photos here, which will continue to grow.

If you’ve not yet experienced Berlin, put it on your list immediately. The city is alive, artsy, vibrant, evolving, historic, and culturally edgy. You will be in for a treat. There is something here for everyone, from museum lovers, foodies, artists, musicians, history buffs, and nature lovers. In this city that truly never sleeps, the textures and shapes are endlessly inviting and there are so many Instagram Berlin moments.

Yet, despite its size, and the fact it is the capital of Germany, Berlin is, at its heart, a conglomeration of villages that remain compact and easily accessible by public transport or foot, each with its culture and vibe. Experience them all to experience this city.

To learn more, be sure to read our “What to do in Berlin: The ultimate Berlin city guide.” Enjoy a few of our best Berlin photos below, taken from our favorite Berlin Instagram photos and be sure to follow us on Instagram.


Nighttime Over Berlin

Berlin at night. Just one of a million reasons why we LOVE Berlin. Taken from the Radisson Park Inn rooftop terrace at Alexanderplatz. This spectacular viewpoint with the Berlin TV Tower and city lights below is not just for guests … anyone can access this view for 4 euro.

Berlin Instagram Photos of Brandenburg Gate with bikes and tourists

Light trails from bikes at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Check out our Berlin City Guide to learn more about Berlin.

A Berlin Instagram Photo taken from Inside The Bundestag Dome

Reflections and light inside the dome of the Reichstag Building in Berlin. This is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Berlin. It is simply amazing to experience. The mirrored column you are seeing here reflects natural light into the building itself. Look closely to see the reflections of people walking around the spiral ramps up and down the inside of the dome. Admission to the dome and terrace is free, but advance registration required. The dome and terrace are open from 8 am to midnight.


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DakPak StreetArt Teufelsberg

The Cold War and street art meet at Teufelsberg in Berlin. We were fortunate to be able to stumble across and talk with DakPak from Mexico, who had just completed the artwork you see on the wall below in the center of the main panel and above the door. He is standing on the ladder next to the tree at the bottom of the frame as we photographed the scene from a nearby staircase leading into a large building full of more amazing street art. Teufelsberg was once an Allied listening station during the Cold War, atop an artificial hill built of rubble from destroyed buildings after WWII. The listening station closed in 1989. Since that time, street artists have taken over. In the last few years, the site has developed into an official tour destination, billed as Europe’s largest and highest street art gallery. It is both eerie and magical and a must-see for any Berlin visit.

Molecule Men Reflection Spree

Molecule Men reflections on the Spree River in Berlin. Sculptor Jonathan Borofsky said of his installation, “[The sculpture is to remind] of the fact that both people and molecules exist in a world governed by probability, and that the objective of all creative and scientific traditions is finding wholeness and unity within the world.”

Stairs Criminal Court Alt Moabit

There’s just something cool about stairs in old buildings. This grand staircase is in the entry to the the criminal court (Kriminalgericht) in the Moabit neighborhood of Berlin. Completed in 1906, the building’s Baroque Revival architecture makes the grand entry stairs truly gawk-worthy — just let the guards know you want to take a photo of the stairs and they’ll show you where to stand. And realize they will closely monitor your photography efforts (no taking photos with people or faces that can be identified — this is a court of law after all). Insider fact: the Kriminalgericht was the first building in Berlin to have full electrical lighting.

Stairs Silhouette Underground at the Prenzlauer Berg Wasserturm

Underground at the Prenzlauer Berg Wasserturm, an eye-catching round tower in the middle of Berlin. Check out our story online to learn how you can take a tour — organized by the Berliner Riesling club — on your next visit.

Sticks Flying At Mauer Park Berlin

Sticks flying at Mauer Park. Puto Production, with Damian Blanco from Cuba on the left and Miguel Alejandro from Chile on the right, electrifies a crowd gathered at Mauer Park on a summer Sunday in Berlin, pounding out amazing rhythms with intense energy.

Best Berlin photos - Baum Der Wunder Miracle Tree

Field of lights. Magical illumination at the Christmas Garden Berlin. Christmas Garden light spectacles run from mid-November into the 1st week of January. ⁣

Urban Nation Grand Reopening Best Berlin Photo

Street art museum extraordinaire! Urban Nation in Berlin celebrates a grand reopening with a completely reimagined exhibition and galleries. It also celebrated the opening of artists residences to support street and urban artists. The Urban Nation is a must-see for anyone who appreciates art, especially street and urban art.

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