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Berlin is endlessly fascinating and remains one of our favorite cities and travel destinations in the world. We’re continually shooting photos of the cool things we see and experience, and we’ve included the best of our Instagram Berlin feed our “Berlin photos” page here, which will continue to grow.

If you’ve not yet experienced Berlin, put it on your list immediately. The city is alive, artsy, vibrant, evolving, historic, and culturally edgy. You will be in for a treat. There is something here for everyone, from museum lovers, foodies, artists, musicians, history buffs, and nature lovers. In this city that truly never sleeps, the textures and shapes are endlessly inviting and there are so many Instagram Berlin moments.

Yet, despite its size, and the fact it is the capital of Germany, Berlin is, at its heart, a conglomeration of villages that remain compact and easily accessible by public transport or foot, each with its culture and vibe. Experience them all to experience this city.

To learn more, be sure to read our “What to do in Berlin: The ultimate Berlin city guide.” And enjoy our Berlin photos below:

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