Biking the Danube. It is a picturesque journey from that follows the Danube River, taking you through numerous famous cities, past expanses of vineyards, and into tiny hidden villages. We spent a magical two-weeks in 2017 biking along the Danube River cycle path from Regensburg, Germany, to Budapest, Hungary, a popular stretch that takes riders through four countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary).

Along the way, we visited medieval villages, castle ruins, cathedrals, abbeys, modern and historic museums, all while pedaling on what is recognized as Europe’s longest dedicated bike path. It is a popular, relatively gentle route (although there are must-do side trips that take you up and around). Thus, it is perfect for any level of cyclist and ideal for solo travelers, groups or families. We were guided on our 540-mile journey by ExperiencePlus! Bike Tours, one of many travel outfitters leading tours along the blue Danube.

We passed through Passau, Linz, Melk, Esztergom, Vienna, Bratislava, and the terraced wine country of Wachau, Austria, before arriving in Budapest. From Germany to Austria to Slovakia to Hungary, the cycle trip is as much a tasty culinary adventure as it is a trip through ancient history and various cultures, experienced up close by pedaling along a river that has been a central trade route for centuries.

We hope you enjoy sharing the journey through our Instagram photos taken during our two weeks biking the Danube River.

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