If you are a flip-flop sandal lover, then get ready for the launch of the Bogs Hudson leather flip, a new footwear direction from a company known better for winter boots, and waterproof or protective work, farm and garden footwear.

Bogs Hudson leather flip resting

I had a chance to test an early pair of the Bogs Hudson sandals for HI Travel Tales. Just to be clear, I must admit that I’ve always had a problem with, one, that thingie between the toes and, two, footwear that doesn’t offer adequate support, common with most flip-flops. But the Bogs Hudson Leather flip sandals were sooooo soft and felt pretty cushy and supportive while still being ultra lightweight. Good enough out of the box to give them the full wear-test treatment.

As background, the Bogs footwear brand is built on originally supplying protective, supportive, stable boots for farmers in Oregon. Over the years, the products have evolved to even include women’s garden footwear in bright colors and decorated with flowers. Two years ago, the company began to look beyond its roots to take its waterproof, cushioning technology into other segments – yes, such as flip-flops.

Didn’t take me long to be convinced that even those Oregon farmers will flip over the Bogs Hudson leather flip. The waterproof nubuck leather is super buttery soft, so you don’t get that sticky underfoot feeling on warm days. The leather footbed offers good support too, partly thanks to the use of Bogs’ proprietary shock-absorbing Rebound cushioning that is said to last the life of the product (can’t comment on the longevity yet however!). Still, it is quite thin and very lightweight – only about 8 ounces for the pair in a women’s 8 – making them perfect for travel.

Bogs Hudson Leather Flip walking in garden

The leather also looks great. Combined with the sandal’s lightweight and cushy supportive feel, they can dress up a bit too – not bad for $35. And with that kind of comfortable multifunctional wear, the Bogs Hudson leather flip sandals have already made it into my HI Travel Tales suitcase, where they’ve now got a standing invitation for warmer weather holidays.

Now, about that strap between the toes – the “thingie” that I normally find chafes or irritates. This one is very soft, very thin and has yet to be irritating at all. Plus, for those folks who suffer from stinky feet, the sandals have the company’s DuraFresh technology to fight odor.

Didn’t take me long to grab that red wax to stamp out a HITT Seal of Approval for this flips.

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