If you plan on being active when you are traveling, then a sports bra is a must. But, ladies, what a pain to have to pack a couple of sports bras AND a couple of additional everyday bras. Or more. I have been on quest to find some sports bras that are tight enough around the ribcage to prevent rubbing and chafing, supportive enough to run or hike hard, soft enough and not strangling to wear everyday, quick-drying of course for travels, AND not a total smoosh mono-breast thing. You with me on this?

Oh, and for me, the last thing I want is a molded, sculptured, shaped bra that will carry my suitcases and doesn’t need me to go for a run. I mean, really?

Search for a perfect travel bra for town and sports

Is my dream of a perfect all-around bras possible? With the Brooks JustRight Racer sports bra, the dream is inching closer. The Brooks JustRight (Brooks acquired Moving Comfort) is one of a number of the softer, non-molded bras the company has thankfully added to its collection. Soft racerback sports bras have in the past been limited to the mono-breast variety.

I tried the Brooks JustRight Racer sports bra ($48). Yes, I know, it sounds like a pure running bra. But stick with me here: If you are not going out to some fancy dinner and just want soft, wearable, runable, around-town comfort, the JustRight Racer could be your friend when you are traveling.

JustRight seamless construction is soft and snug

Its seamless construction is really soft and not strangling, but offers good snug hold around your ribs. There is great ventilation. And, best yet, it is a combination of both compression (think smoosh) and encapsulation (cups and separation).

Moving Comfort JustRight Racer sports bra back view

Now, granted, if you are the type who wants all kinds of lift-and-separate shape, this won’t be for your everyday wear. Or, if you are larger breasted, this will be good for lower-impact activities, not for running. But if you don’t mind soft, comfy hold and a bra that can be worn on the airplane or train, or around town, then the JustRight Racer may be your choice.

Brooks JustRight Racer sports bra has removable cups

Did I say the JustRight Racer sports bra has removable cups so you CAN add a bit more shape and modesty? That helps out for an around-town day. I have not had an issue replacing the “cookies” but that may be an issue for some. I frankly don’t wear them during workouts since it’s just one more thing to dry. And although all-in-all it dries quickly, you can also wait 2-3 wears to wash it too. And if you are feeling, shall we say, a bit chilly (BAM…headlights!), those inserts are a great help, especially if you are in an airplane or a restaurant.

Moving Comfort JustRight Racer sports bra removable cups

Yup, the Brooks JustRight Racer sports bra is one nice seamless soft bra for traveling and workouts.


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