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We’ve assembled some of the best travel tips for staying healthy. Learn how to fly comfortably, prevent travel sickness, prevent travelers diarrhea, avoid bed bugs, reduce travel stress, protect yourself from getting sick, learn how to deal with Zika and coronavirus, and so much more.

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Travel Health -- Essential Tips To Keep You Healthy When Traveling

Is it safe to fly? Flying during a pandemic with American

Reading Time: 12 minutes What was it like flying during a pandemic? Is it safe to fly? I took a transcontinental flight on American in July and, in short, it was terribly stressful. You thought flying before the pandemic had become an unpleasant grind? You haven’t experienced anything yet. Pack your sanitizing gear, personal protection gear, and choose your airline and seats as carefully as possible. Read what my experience was like in July 2020.

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Travel smart: 5 steps to protect your travel health

Reading Time: 5 minutes Any business or vacation travel requires a proactive approach to travel health and welness. Sun, insects, animals, bacteria, viruses, cars, and more make staying healthy and injury-free during and after your trip a challenge. Our five steps to travel health will help.

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Travel hacks for fighting germs in public spaces – updated March 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes Fighting germs when you are traveling is an ongoing battle. Who wants to get sick and have to stay in a hotel room, or worse, end up in a hospital when traveling? That makes fighting germs (like the new coronavirus) No. 1 on your to-do list when traveling since you can’t avoid public places! Here are our top travel hacks for fighting germs in planes, trains, public bathrooms, hotel rooms, and more.

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Traveling together – 10 reasons why relationships fail

Reading Time: 11 minutes Whether you’re currently in a relationship or you plan to enter one soon, traveling together with your partner can be one of the best ways to determine if you are, indeed, compatible as long-term partners. Traveling together can uncover any one of the 10 reasons why relationships fail.

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Migraines and travel – Tips for headache relief when traveling

Reading Time: 5 minutes When traveling, the last thing you want is a pounding migraine headache. But like it or not migraines and travel go together for a lot of reasons, including the emotional and physical stress of travel, dehydration, and lack of sleep. We have migraine traveling tips to help you be aware, be cautious, and be prepared.

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10 top tips to help you sleep better in hotels

Reading Time: 4 minutes If there is one thing I am keen on when traveling, it is a getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel. Over the years I’ve figured out a few traveling tips for sleeping better in hotels, like when making a hotel reservation, ask for what you want.

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