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Photos and videos from your travels will help your memories live on. This section gives you the best travel photography tips so you can bring home awe-inspiring images – even if you’re shooting with a smartphone. Our most recent posts are below.

9 top tips for taking amazing landscape photos

Who hasn’t pointed a camera at a jaw-dropping scene outdoors, only to be disappointed later at how little the photo resembles the soaring mountains, translucent skies, and luxuriant green hills? Landscape photographer and instructor Rick Saez has a few tips for those...

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10 Simple Tips to Take Better Travel Photographs

Travel photos (whether they are with a smartphone or a digital camera) are such an important part of many adventures and vacations. Considering the number of questions I receive each year from family, friends and clients, it’s clear a lot of travelers are still looking for ways to make their travel photos better. Here are 10 simple tips that will help you take better travel photographs.

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