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Understanding German Christmas market drinks – a short guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes German Christmas market drinks, options and choices. Having a Gluhwein at a German Christmas market seems an easy choice: hot mulled red wine in mug. But do you want a shot with that? Or a different flavor? German Christmas market drinks have become big business. So many choices. We’ll help you decide and know how to ask for what you want.

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Berlin October days filled with a festival of lights

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Festival of Lights in Berlin and Berlin Leuchtet (Berlin Illuminated) provide a delightful bright diversion for anyone visiting Berlin in October. The two light festivals illuminate hundreds of Berlin buildings, parks, monuments and facades with dancing lights, often moving to music.

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Stasi sights in Berlin not to miss

Reading Time: 3 minutes No visit to Berlin should be without a closer look at history – specifically the horrific history of East Germany’s former secret police, the Stasi. These Stasi sights in Berlin should find a place on your to-do list.

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Long Night of Museums: all-night festivities in Berlin museums

Reading Time: 5 minutes Whoever thought we would stay up all night to go to museums? When the Long Night of Museums in Berlin rolled around this year, however, we were there – along with many thousands of our best friends for the night. This year, the 20th birthday of the museum night drew more than 30,000 visitors all across Germany’s capital city.

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5 great Berlin street food markets

Reading Time: 7 minutes As the burgeoning and bustling capital of Germany, Berlin offers an addicting restaurant scene with any international or trendy cuisine you may desire. But in keeping with its gritty, artistic ways, Berlin has a superior street food market scene. We show you 5 great Berlin street food markets you won’t want to miss.

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Thai Park Berlin a feast for eyes and tummies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Germany’s capital of Berlin offers every international food imaginable, in restaurants, street markets or, in the case of the most authentic Thai food in the city, spread across a park. Thai Wiese (Thai Park) comes alive every weekend with arguably the best Thai food in Berlin.

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