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Travel photos – Instagram is turning us into idiots

Reading Time: 3 minutes Armed with digital cameras and smartphones travelers are able to detail every idyllic moment of every trip in all its “Instagrammable” glory with often ridiculous travel photos. In truth, Instagram is turning us all into idiots as we embark on a frantic search for the most Instagrammable moment.

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Remembering George H.W. Bush – My hike with President Bush

Reading Time: 7 minutes When I received a phone invitation to go on a hike through the Giant Sequoias in California with President George H.W. Bush during the summer of 1992, my initial reaction was, “Right, who is this, really?” I could name any number of wonderful friends who would make such an “official” offer while doubled up with mirth and glee – eager to hang any appearance of gullibility over my head for a lifetime.

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Lost in Translation: Funny Chinese English on warning signs

Reading Time: 3 minutes The eleven signs with funny Chinese English in this post are part of our second offering in a series of stories on funny Chinese-to-English translation fails. If you missed it, be sure to check out “Lost in Translation: Fire warnings become funny Chinese signs.” Now, without further ado, funny Chinese signs with extremely humorous translation fails focused on warning the public about something or other.

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Lost in Translation: Fire warnings become funny Chinese English signs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Funny Chinese English translation fails are legendary and the stuff that inspires countless online spoofs, digital highlights, published humor books and even plays. You don’t have to spend more than a few hours in China before funny Chinese English signs and translations begin to leap out at you inspiring raised eyebrows, giggles and even outbursts of laughter. Enjoy this one with funny Chinese English signs for fire warnings.

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British insults: Yeah, I deserved it

Reading Time: 4 minutes British insults. To be able to deliver the classy and thoughtful zinger of an insult is of course a time-honored British tradition. My moment of being on the receiving end of an artful insult happened on a misty mountaintop in the Lake District of England.

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Running at Disney World turned me into an outlaw

Reading Time: 7 minutes During a trip to Orlando, Fla., in 2015, I was reminded of a previous vacation my husband and I took to Orlando’s Disney World – one where I actually tried running at Disney World. For runners, the city can be so aggravating: I call it the home of “sidewalks to nowhere.” That’s assuming there are any. Usually there are not. The moniker “sidewalks to nowhere” came up a long time ago when I would find that sidewalks just ended – wheelchair ramp and all – leaving any unlucky pedestrian in the middle of a busy street or slogging through rough grass and mud beside an endless stream of cars and trucks. Basically, this city ain’t designed for anything but automobiles.

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Confused by color naming — am I now color blind?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I reached for my reading glasses and, keeping my dictionary and a color wheel pinched from my daughter’s old Crayola art set handy, I resumed paging. There was a sweater in “gaucho,” a pant in “Zen,” a shirt in “Dijon” (what, no Grey Poupon?), and a pullover in “storm.”

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Keep robots outta my trousers – say no to nanopants

Reading Time: 4 minutes It seems everyone is gaga over the stain-resistant properties of clothing using nanotechnology — tiny robots to perform the manipulating and positioning of individual atoms thereby eliminating stains. And I know what you are thinking … that’s way cool. But think on this. What if those robots go rogue, in your pants?

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