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Gift guide for traveling kids (and their parents)

Kids are travelers – as are their parents – and sometimes a little safety, education, or entertainment for little ones on the road can be a great choice when you are looking for holiday gifts. Here are a few picks of gifts for traveling kids from HI Travel Tales and our traveling friends.

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Backyard activities teach children to see nature

Observation skills and heightening a level of awareness in a child’s senses is important to show them that they have more than eyes with which to “see” the environment.  It is through the initial experiences in a backyard or a park that your children will come to realize that nature is all around them — under the blades of grass, behind the pile of bricks in the corner of the yard, in the branches overhead, or even in the garage eaves. The following are a few of my favorite backyard activities to help teach children to be observant and...

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Natural Learning: Seeing nature through a child’s eyes

There is no need to be an entomologist, botanist, or ecologist to appreciate what nature has to offer through natural learning – or to teach your kids appreciation for the natural world. It starts with learning to see nature through a child’s eyes. Here are a few suggestions to make your next family backyard wander or park romp that much more meaningful, thanks to the senses.

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Star Gazing With Children When Traveling

Star gazing with children is a wonderful experience, made even more special by being able to discover stars and constellations together. For many youngsters seeing a million pinpricks of light twinkling against the inky-black backdrop of a night sky is a new experience.

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