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How to relieve travel stress when flying

No matter if you are traveling for business, to visit friends or family, or on a dream holiday, travel stress can take a physical and mental toll. Simply finding the time to pack, make sure you have the right toiletries, tie down things at work or home prior to departure, or help family members prepare can create stress in your life. Add the pressure of dealing with the unexpected in unfamiliar surroundings – delays, cancelations, airplane food, finding bathrooms, coping with crowds, schlepping luggage, and lack of sleep, to name a few – and the body’s stress reaction can...

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8 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy During Travel

Trying to stay healthy during travel can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to maintain a fitness routine or simply focusing on staying healthy by eating well and staying moderately active. A lack of a regular routine combined with new food options means that even a little bit of time away from home can have a big effect. However, with a little bit of planning it is quite easy to stay fit and healthy while traveling. We offer plenty of advice on this topic if you visit our page “Travel Fitness: How to Stay Fit...

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Avoiding jet lag: tips from travel experts

Jet lag is nearly inevitable, really, when you travel at today’s pace across multiple time zones. Man was meant to saunter thousands of miles, not jet between continents to suddenly find himself propelled into tomorrow or reliving this morning. Avoiding jet lag is really all about minimizing jet lag’s effects. That is indeed possible, but some of what you need to do may seem counter-intuitive.

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Top 3 tips to protect yourself from Zika

Planning on traveling to Brazil, Latin America or the Caribbean? Then you would be wise to know how to protect yourself from Zika. And that means protecting yourself from mosquito bites that spread it. What are the best ways to protect yourself from Zika? We show you how.

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Eight tips for flying in comfort

So you’ve booked your ticket, chosen a seat, and you’re packing your luggage, including your carry-on bag. But will you be flying in comfort? You DO want to have a comfortable flight, and you hope you won’t have a neighbor from h— sitting next to you. Assuming you used to help you choose the best seat you can (knowing it really is a bit of a crap shoot), what else can you do to plan and pack to ensure a more comfortable flight? Wear comfortable clothes. No, that doesn’t mean your jammies, oh please. A little decorum is still...

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Nine tips to stay healthy when flying

Ebola, measles, flu, blood clots and more seem to lurk everywhere. Read the news and you begin to imagine a thousand ways to get sick when sealed in a flying aluminum tube with 300 of your new best friends. Really, though, there is no need for fear and hysteria. Here are nine tips from HI Travel Tales to help you stay healthy when flying and help you arrive for your holiday or business as rested as possible.

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On why I hate ticks!

It’s not all that hard to realize why I hate ticks. The very thought of walking through woods and fields infested with ticks makes my skin crawl. Perhaps it is because of a tick’s predilection to attaching itself firmly to its host, in this case me, and then draining a seemingly prodigious quantity of blood from those dark and moist places where I would rather not have something alien nibbling. Even with my skin dipped in DEET and clothes soaked in permethrin, I am on edge.

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Sunscreen confusion solved: What to choose and why

After more than three decades, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in summer 2011 approved guidelines for sunscreen brands on marketing, labeling and testing to help stop widespread sunscreen confusion. They went into affect in mid-2012 for major players, while smaller ones had until 2013 to comply. But there is still plenty of sunscreen confusion. First, consumers not only had no idea that there were finally regulations, let alone that there hadn’t been any before. Really. None. Not since the FDA started the process of determining rules in 1978. Indeed, there was nothing until 2011 that officially told brands that made all those...

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