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9 tips to help you keep your valuables safe when traveling

Knowing how to keep your valuables safe when traveling should be top of mind for every tourist, traveler and adventurer. The loss of a computer, camera, mobile phone, tablet, identification, jewelry or money can happen in the blink of an eye. And such a loss can ruin any trip, business or pleasure. While expert advice has always been to keep close control over your valuables and never to pack them into your checked luggage, a recent ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone inside aircraft flying from select destinations in the Middle East and Africa to the United...

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Stay safe when traveling in trying political times, but please travel!

No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, 2017 and beyond may mean U.S. citizens will need to take a few added precautions abroad to stay safe when traveling. But this advice doesn’t mean you should rethink traveling. Just the opposite in fact. Now, perhaps more than ever before, travel is essential to demonstrate to the world that American citizens as a whole are far more tolerant, willing to embrace new cultures and ideas, and certainly more globally educated than is currently being represented to the world. Too, travel is critical to help shape our own...

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Digital security when traveling: 10 must-do tips (updated 07-21-17)

Digital security is hard enough to maintain at home. Once you add in the variables of traveling, protecting your digital world becomes even more challenging. Public Wi-Fi networks, crowded hotel and airport lobbies, popular shopping areas, favorite eateries and bank ATMs are some spots viewed as target-rich environments for criminals seeking to abscond with your personal data – important passwords, bank accounts, and even your identity. Recently, within minutes of entering an airport lounge in Chengdu, China, awaiting our next flight to Kunming, I logged into the lounge Wi-Fi and was immediately alerted via software on my computer that someone...

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How to blend in when traveling

How to blend in as a traveler is the wish of many, but how to achieve that traveler’s nirvana can be baffling. There you are, standing in line at a store in a different country thinking you look just like the locals, then the cashier takes one look at you, and addresses you in English. What?!?

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Camping, Hiking and Travel Safety Tips for Women

As a woman, traveling alone or with another female companion can be a very rewarding and exciting venture. To maximize the positive side of the outing and minimize the hazards, consider the following travel safety tips for women. Before you go, check travel websites for advice from other women travelers. Also consult guide books for the area. Adventure travel safety tips in the U.S.: •    Contact the governing agency (BLM, US Forest Service, Park Service, etc.) for the area in which you’re backpacking, paddling, fishing, etc. Ask for their recommendations on safe routes, best campsites, evacuation and/or rescue procedures, weather...

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