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Our Ultimate City Guides will help you plan the ideal visit to our favorite cities around the world, no matter how long your intended stay. Whether you are traveling for business, a weekend visit, or full immersion in a culture, our destination guides to cities around the world have all you need to ensure you experience the perfect trip.

You can be sure we have spent extended time in each city we provide traveling tips for. Our recommendations for hotels, restaurants, places to eat and sightseeing destinations are indeed handpicked.

Each Ultimate City Guide is designed to help you feel confident when you arrive at your destination, armed with our information on how to get to and from airports, get around a city, speak the language, find off-the-beaten-path sights, navigate menus, and much more.


We travel the world to research our favorite cities — Berlin, Munich, Budapest, Hamburg, Salta, Regensburg, Oslo, and more.

What to do in Berlin

What to do in BerlinBerlin is one of our favorite cities in the world. It is cosmopolitan, worldly, quirky, exotic, bohemian, evolving, vibrant and so very, very alive — there is something to do or see or experience 24 hours a day if you are so inclined. Little wonder so many tourists, wanderers, artists, authors, musicians, actors and creative minds discover and fall in love with Berlin. Whether you are visiting for one day, two days, a week or more, the best way to begin your quest to find what to do in Berlin is here. Our “What to do in Berlin” digital city guide and links, map, as well as numerous articles highlighting insider travel tips for you will ensure your visit to Berlin is memorable.

What to do in Hamburg

What to do in Hamburg sunrise over the AlsterHamburg is a city that sparkles like an expensive diamond when the sun shines. There is water everywhere – of course, as a port city, water has defined what it was and still is. Add in the spectacular Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall), opened in January 2017, and suddenly with this glamorous building shaping the city’s flat silhouette,  everybody, including travelers, were sitting up and taking increased notice of Hamburg as a must-visit city, for good reason. Whether you are visiting for one day, two days, a week or more, the best way to begin your quest to find what to do in Hamburg is here, one of our city guides. Our “What to do in Hamburg” digital city guide and links, map, as well as numerous articles highlighting insider travel tips for you will ensure your visit to Hamburg is memorable.

What to do in Munich

What to do in MunichYes, Munich is famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) for its annual beer festival and drunken Oktoberfest gathering. But if that is all you know about Munich, then you are missing out on a most beautiful city full of architectural and historical gems. There is something for everyone in and around Munich: Don’t miss the historic city center, Marienplatz city square, old and new City Halls, and Munich’s famous clock tower with its hourly “Glockenspiel” with charming dancing figures. There is the Englischer Garten (English Garden) – one of the largest urban parks in the world and ideal for wandering, walking, running, sitting, sipping and, yes, surfing (as in, on surfboards, on a faux wave). A walk, cycle or run along the Isar River is also a must. Whether you are visiting for one day, two days, a week or more, the best way to begin your quest to find what to do in Munich is right here. Our “What to do in Munich” digital city guide, and links, map, as well as numerous articles highlighting insider travel tips for you will ensure your visit to Munich is memorable.

What to do in Regensburg

What to do in RegensburgWondering what to do in Regensburg? There is so much to do and see it’s hard to know where to start. Regensburg is very proud of its self-proclaimed status as “Germany’s best-preserved medieval city,” but it’s hard to argue with that statement once you visit. This city escaped most damage from bombing in World War II, so it boasts a 2,000-year-old architectural heritage with original buildings, not rebuilt or renovated ones. And the city works hard to maintain this history, with strict conservation and preservation laws that have been in place since the 1970s. Whether you are visiting for one day, two days, or more, or you are beginning or ending a Danube adventure in the city, the best way to find what to do in Regensburg is right here. Our “What to do in Regensburg” digital city guide and links, map, as well as personal insider travel tips clue you into key sites, including some less known. All this ensures your visit to Regensburg is indeed memorable. Hard not to be!

What to do in Budapest

What to do in Budapest cover image.Wondering what to do in Budapest? Budapest is mind-blowing in its hills, towers, grandiose architecture, grand museums, tiny old streets, parks, bridges and, of course, the stupendous Danube River. The river splits the city – more precisely, it splits what was once the city of “Buda” (on the west side) and the city of “Pest” (on the east). Part of what to see in Budapest entails just walking. And walking. And, yes, walking some more. Don’t be so busy dashing from museum to museum, statue to statue, or memorial to memorial, that you miss the small surprises and gorgeous views that can only be had by “slow travel.” Walk the bridges, including the famous Chain Bridge and also the Liberty Bridge, albeit not as famous but quite spectacular in its contrasting aesthetic. Since the hills allow sunrise and sunset to light up the city and its sights differently, do enjoy the views from both sides of the river – both day and night for different light moods. One can certainly “do” the city in a day or two, but you would be slighting Budapest’s variations in character, historical insights, and activities by such a short visit. Three full days there, minimum, and if you want a day at a famous Budapest thermal baths, then four or five, please. Our “What to do in Budapest“, one in a series of our digital city guides, will help you get a foot-up on your visit to what is truly one of the world’s grandest cities.

What to do in Oslo

What to do in Oslo cover image.The what to do in Oslo city guide will help you make the most of your upcoming visit. Despite the fact that Oslo is Norway’s capital and quite the bustling metropolis to boot, central Oslo retains a decidedly compact and cozy feel that is wonderfully walkable and eminently enjoyable.  Whether you are arriving in Oslo at the finish (or the start!) of a Norway in a Nutshell adventure, passing through Oslo on your way to board a Hurtigruten cruise, or perhaps using Oslo as the start of a road trip around the Norwegian mountains and fjords on your own, you really do want to plan at least an extra 48 hours into your itinerary to experience a taste of what this wonderful international city has to offer.

What to do in Salta

What to to in Salta ultimate city guide cover imageWondering what to do in Salta, Argentina? We suggest you think broadly since you cannot really separate the city of Salta from the province of Salta – you cannot explore one without the other. Nor should you! Salta, the city, sits within the magnificent Salta province of Argentina, which is bordered by Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. The province accounts for just over 4 percent of Argentina and is about the size of the U.S. state of Georgia or double the size of Scotland. It is a diverse area too, with elevations from a low of just 500 meters above sea level (1,640 feet) to a breath-grabbing 6,730 meters (22,080 feet). Our What to do in Salta: The Ultimate City Guide for Travelers will ensure your Salta visit is well planned.

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