Dressing classy yet staying functional while traveling is easier with the ExOfficio Ometto Blazer. Since there is no doubt that presenting a clean and stylish image commands respect, the Ometto Blazer could even up your chances of that unexpected upgrade (we can be hopeful, can’t we?).

ExOfficio Ometto Blazer perfect jacket for travel

Still, dressing like James Bond only works if you can keep your cool at security, which is also easier thanks to the FlyQ 6-Pocket Travel System – no more fumbling around searching for your passport and ticket while a line of exasperated travelers builds behind you. With the ExOfficio Ometto Blazer ($175), keeping calm, carrying on, and staying organized is possible with six pockets that are superbly designed and positioned to securely hold a passport, airline tickets, keys, glasses, pen, and smartphone all within easy reach.

ExOfficio Ometto Blazer is stylish and wears comfortably

The Ometto Blazer has a classic blazer design that boasts subtle comfort and function, starting with the stretch polyester/nylon outer fabric that is treated for stain and water resistance. The button front placket hides a short zip closure and buttoned cuffs so this jacket will look just as good at dinner as it does at the airport or wandering cobblestone streets – or even a few urban parks or trails.

Pickpockets will lose sleep trying to cope with the zippers (some hidden), buttons and Velcro that secure pockets on the inside and outside of the ExOfficio Ometto Blazer. I love the fact I can still work the touchscreen on my iPhone while it remains securely stowed inside the jacket. While the jacket is wind resistant – and it’s cut so adding a light sweater underneath can provide an additional level of insulation — this is not designed for frigid climes … anymore than your suit jacket would be. And while the fabric is water resistant, it is definitely not a rain jacket. If you find yourself caught in a rainstorm, expect to get wet. Still, this jacket would work great in a layering system with a light mid-layer underneath when extra warmth is needed or a heavier coat or trench over it if it’s really rainy or cold.

All that said, the ExOfficio Ometto Blazer is a wonderful travel jacket and will soon be hard a work on my next trip making me look good, feel good, and remain organized. Reason enough to award it our HITT Seal of Approval.


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