Let’s get intimate. If there is one thing you are going to wear nearly everyday when on the road (well, most of us), it’s your undies. Thus, travel underwear is vital. Wait, rewind: The RIGHT travel underwear is what’s vital. That means undies that are so comfortable you could live in them 24-hours a day, every day. Undies that dry so fast you only need one (maybe two for that veritable just-in-case).

ExOfficio travel underwear has for years been THE go-to in the suitcases at HI Travel Tales. We put the ExOfficio Give-N-GO underwear on our “travel essentials” list in 2014.

Now, ExOfficio has outdone that travel underwear with another that is lighter, dries even faster, and is simply prettier (for the guys, let’s say nicer looking).

Sport Mesh travel underwear by ExOfficio

ExOfficio give-n-go underwear

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini is ideal as travel underwear.

The lightweight performance mesh is softer than Give-N-Go without the elastic binding that tended to “give” out on the Give-N-Go after some age. Sport Mesh travel underwear dries in practically a nano-second (OK, we are prone to exaggerate but you get the idea). It’s antimicrobial, odor resistant, soooooo utterly breathable, and moisture wicking too.)

This travel underwear does it all. And it feels good too. Sport Mesh travel underwear comes in a lot of interesting styles, not to mention simply potent and gorgeous colors (with whites and blacks if you really MUST).

No VPL with this comfortable travel underwear

For those concerned about the dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line): Even the women’s brief doesn’t show because of the soft, slightly wider, less-binding edge. Granted, this is a lot less important than world peace and global hunger issues, but you may as well get rid of VPL if you can.

ExOfficio give-n-go travel underwear mens boxer

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer makes for great men’s travel underwear.

ExOfficio calls the Sport Mesh travel underwear an “active fit” with lower rises for comfortable use during physical activity – thus also no peeky  under lower-rise pants. We can vouch for ultra comfort during activity.

These travel underwear are 100% thumbs up

We have tried all the styles for the lower half: She’s tried the brief and the hipkini (her personal choice is the brief) – $22. He has loved the brief and the boxer brief (3 and 6 inch, with the 6-incher being better under tighter pants, he says) – $26-32. The men’s tops, which we have not tried, could be a pretty dreamy travel T-shirt too.


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Man, if we had a HITT Seal of EXTRA Approval for travel products, we’d hand that over in the same nano-second these Sport Mesh travel underwear take to dry.

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