Our favorite street art from around the world

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Favorite Street Art From Around The World

Great street art can take your breath away. In recent years, how this urban art is experienced, interpreted, interacted with, and valued has changed greatly. Our favorite street art – a.k.a. graffiti — doesn’t require a museum or gallery to house it, and is always free to enjoy. Sometimes, it is provocative or humorous, and most always it is colorful, and increasingly celebrated by city residents and tourists alike. Today, global street artists are even commissioned to paint walls and structures in different countries.

Urban walls and other structures have become a (usually) welcoming canvas for these once nearly outlawed artists all over the world. Almost every major metropolis around the globe now features some form of street artwork, and increasingly, urban art tours are becoming very popular in many cities, such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Medellin. In Munich, Germany, the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) opened as Germanys first museum of Urban Art and is well worth a visit.

Websites featuring urban and contemporary street art

One thing is certain: Creations by street artists can convey a culture and its story that is both aesthetic and historical. Sadly, the art is not always permanent, although some urban artists prefer that the walls and buildings get torn down, sending the artist’s creation crumbling too. Because street art is so popular with tourists and art aficionados, it is frequently used by city governments and business associations to inject new life into neighborhoods once overlooked and perhaps falling apart, such as in formerly rejected and drug-ridden Medellin, Colombia.

We absolutely love street art, and seek it out anywhere we travel. More images from our favorite street art will be added to this page frequently, so be sure to bookmark it if you, like us, are fans of great art, especially today’s urban and contemporary art on the street.

If you have some favorite street art photos on your own Instagram feed, share the links to your posts with us please. Better yet, follow us on Instagram and share you love for urban art with us there too.

Kiev Street Art Andriyivskmyy Descent

Street art in Kiev. This beautiful piece of street art can be found in the Andriyivsky Descent neighborhood of Kiev, Ukraine. Sometimes referred to as the Montmartre of Kiev, the neighborhood is decidedly bohemian and attracts artists and artisans.

BER Mauerpark Shadow Streeet Art

A street artist and his shadow. On a sunny Sunday in Mauerpark, Berlin, a street artist works on his next creation while his shadow lends a hand.


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Street art in Buenos Aires

The street art scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina is so very very rich.

Trump and Kim Two Lost Souls

Two lost souls … street art makes a political statement in Teufelsberg, Berlin.

Train Tracks Street Art Grass Valley California

Ride the rails of history in this fantastic street art located on the side of a building adjacent to a parking area in downtown Grass Valley, California — on Church Street.

Old Man On Manteuffelstr Berlin

Old man and a bird. One of our favorite street art pieces in Berlin created during the 2019 Berlin Mural Fest. Smug is an Australian-born street artist – his real name is Sam Bates — and is internationally famous for his detailed murals demonstrating a photo-realistic style. He currently calls Scotland home. This recent mural can be found at Manteuffelstraße 70 in Berlin. ⁣

Obama Merkel Putin Street Art

Obama, Merkel & Putin. The three are portrayed in the classic Buddhist pose of the three wise monkeys—see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. This famous piece of street art, created in 2014, is located in Kreuzberg (Berlin) at Ritterstraße 12.

San Francisco Noe Valley Street Art

Penguins are always so cute! Here on the back wall of the narrow Richard Gamble Memorial Park, you find this mama and her baby watching you. Step off the N street car from downtown San Francisco in Cole Valley and you are suddenly in a different, neighborly world with great restaurants and coffee houses. Try it some time! And go visit the penquins in the park too.

Morocco Sale Street Art

Street art, Salé, Morocco. Salé is across the river from Rabat, Morocco’s capital, where all the tourists end up in the Medina and Kasbah — both sights worth seeing. Salé however is local and friendly, with a small-town feel. Even Moroccans wondered why we were going to Salé, but it’s a great experience that is entirely the opposite of the circus of large and over-touristed towns like Marrakech. Learn more about amazing places to see in Morocco.

Berlin Street Art Brachvogelstrasse

Street art around every corner in Berlin. Look up from the Landwehr Canal and a dreary residential area suddenly comes alive. This one, signed by ArtMos4, is on Brachvogelstrasse right at the canal’s south side.⁣

Sacramento Street Art Jazz Alley

Street art created during Wide Open Walls in Sacramento, California. The annual Wide Open Walls street art event in California’s capital of Sacramento attracts street artists from around the world each August. The city has hundreds of murals all over its streets that add to the city’s vibrance. The beauty of the event is taking walks to see murals being created and interacting with the artists.

Sacramento Wide Open Walls Herakut

Street artists in action! The annual Wide Open Walls art event in California’s capital of Sacramento attracts street artists from around the world each August. The city has hundreds of murals all over its streets that add to the city’s vibrance. The beauty of the event is taking walks to see murals being created and interacting with the artists. Herakut from Berlin was just finishing her workday on this amazing piece last year when we stopped to chat.

Berlin Mauer Park Street Art

Street art extravaganza at Mauerpark. On many Sundays when the weather is nice, a section of the Berlin Wall in Mauerpark attracts street artists from around Berlin, Germany, Europe and the world to create new, colorful, masterpieces. Each works, side-by-side with others, on their own section of wall as music from performers on the open grass space below reverberates through the air.

Hamburg Street Art Sternschanze

Feeling the street art vibe. On the opposite end of the spectrum from chic Blankenese in Hamburg, Germany, is the counter-cultural area of Sternschanze or Schanzenviertel not far from the Hamburg Congress Center. Like street art? More buildings are decorated here than are not. Looking for organic restaurants, hip cafes or alternative cuisine? This could be for you. We frankly love it. If street art is your thing – as it has become ours in seeking it out around the world – you could opt for a Street Art Tour in Hamburg too, such as with Alternative Hamburg.

Rochester New York Street Art

Falcons flying over Rochester at sunset. Located on the side of Cook Iron Store on Andrews Street in Rochester, New York, this amazing street art was created by local artists Justin Suarez and Sarah C. Rutherford. The street art scene is vibrant in Rochester!

Grass Valley Street Art Mural Everhart

“New Dawn” by artist Miles Toland — a street art mural installed on the Everhart Hotel in Grass Valley, California. The installation highlights mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The mural features a faceless figure. The messages that circle the head read, “We all get lost inside our minds” and “You are not alone. Be a survivor” circle the figure’s head. There is a Pelton water wheel behind the head — a tribute to the hotel owner’s grandfather, A.D. Foote who was superintendent at the North Star Mine and installed the largest operating Pelton water wheel at the time.

San Francisco Street Art Chinatown

Stand, stare, smile and wonder at this fanciful street art scene created on a building in Chinatown, San Francisco.

Chinatown Mural in San Francisco

Man in a mural. This Chinatown mural depicts San Francisco’s Chinatown in 1889. It is a proud photo opp for many residents and visitors.

Sacto Street Art in Sacramento by Brett Crawford

Martini rabbit in black and white. Street artist Brett Crawford created a wonderful piece of street art in downtown Sacramento for the Wide Open Walls street art festival. The artwork has touches of color, but we wanted to show it in stark black and white for your viewing pleasure.

Lyon Street Art Rue Diderot

Street art in Lyon. Therese grabbed this photo as a motorbike passed in front of the magical colors and art on Rue Diderot in Lyon. Large street art murals abound in Lyon, France.

Leipzig Street Art Wall

Leipzig — Where the protest movement against the GDR regime began in 1989, a movement that led to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. This is a small part of an enormously impressive mural painted by Leipzig artist Michael Fischer-Art on the side of the Leipzig Marriott hotel. You can see it from the main train station.

Lyon Re Trouvailles Street Art

Watching the flowing and colorful street art style of Yandy Graffer (aka Abraham Portocarrero) during ReTrouvailles My Presqu’île 2018 in Lyon, France.

Sacramento Street Art

Street art surprises! Hidden in the back alleys and beside parking lots of Midtown Sacramento is some stunning street art (and sometimes a great insider coffee house). So don’t ignore the little alleys with names like Jazz, Improv or Kayak! This glorious piece of art is behind 2020 J Street on Jazz Alley.

Berlin Street Art Michael And Friends

Michael trying to become one with the street art near Urban Nation on Bülowstrasse in Berlin. Not sure he’s really “blending”. Artwork is by street artist Rabbit. And because we will get asked, Michael’s Panasonic G5 camera is secured to his pack strap with a Peak Design Capture clip (which he loves) and the strap is an ultralight one also from Peak Design.

Therese Spread The Love Teufelsberg Berlin

Celebrating street art in Berlin. Berlin Mural Fest 2018 gathering street artists and urban art lovers from around the world. This is Therese showing love for some amazing existing street art at Teufelsberg, a must-see destination for street art lovers visiting Berlin.

Street Art Nulon Hamburg

Amazing, colorful street art by Hamburg artist Nulon (Aimal Jahed, from Kabul, Afghanistan). A Hamburg resident since 1982, Nulon created this artwork in 2017 in collaboration with the St. Georg district to celebrate cultural diversity in the community.


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  1. Anuradha Goyal

    Street art is emerging as the art of our era. I see it almost everywhere around the world. It is great that you have collated the best of street art from around the world and also shared the resources for the same.

  2. Kristina Unta Rogić

    Awesome post, I like finding art around unknown streets. I was really happy in Christchurch, NZ and Miami, USA, great street art scene!

    • HI Travel Tales

      Thank you Kristina! Been ages since we have been to Christchurch, and it was well before the quake, so don’t really remember the street art there. But Miami … oh my yes, what a wonderful street art scene. If you have an Instragram feed with some of your street art images in it, please do share them with us. We’ll feature some of the best images and give your feed a nifty plug to boot! 😉

  3. Neha

    I love street art too. Saving this to my Pinterest for future reference 🙂

    • HI Travel Tales

      Very cool on the Pinterest save and thank you! If you have any Instagram street art photos you want to share with us, please do and we’ll share the best on our page here.

  4. Leo

    Great post! I also really like paying attention to street art when traveling. Excited to visit Berlin!

    • HI Travel Tales

      Leo, you will LOVE Berlin. One of our favorite cities in the world.

  5. Anthony

    This is an awesome post. We love street art and always love seeing the world renown murals and lesser know pieces. We did an amazing walking tour when we visited Berlin. They took us past many beautiful pieces and talked about the culture of street art. It was very interesting especially learning about how the Berlin Wall has been turned into a public art installation. We see that you also visited Berlin, You should post from more pictures from there.

    • HI Travel Tales

      Thank you Anthony! If you have an Instagram feed and post cool street art photos to your feed, let us know and we may give a pic or two and your feed a shout out in future posts. Berlin is amazing … we love visiting and actually visit quite a bit to and from various places around the world. We’ll be posting more street art images from there, and from Hamburg and Munich in the future.

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