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In this German Language Cheat Sheet for Travelers, we introduce you to a few basic German words, sounds and phrases, as well as what to expect, see or hear when traveling in Germany.

Having a Gluhwein at a German Christmas market seems an easy choice: hot mulled red wine in mug. But do you want a shot with that? Or a different flavor? So many choices. We’ll help you decide and know how to ask for what you want.


Anyone can snap photos with a smartphone camera or a point-and-shoot. But becoming a good travel photographer takes practice and the need to acquire some knowledge and have a few tools. The 18 tips included in this ebook is a good start.

Becoming a good travel photographer takes practice. Learning the 9 travel photography tips in this ebook is a good start. Ready to start taking great travel photos? Let’s go!


Ukrainian Style Ginger Tea With Lemon Mint Cloves And Honey Recipe



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