Glendeven Inn & Inn at Cobblers Walk: perfect Mendocino hotel escape

by May 25, 2021California

Glendeven Inn Mendocino Night

The Glendeven Inn & Lodge and the Inn at Cobbler’s Walk provide an ideal Mendocino coast escape. Located a short stroll from Van Damme State Park and Beach, and only a few minutes’ drive from historic Mendocino, the two Mendocino hotels are sister properties and impress in every way.

A visit to Mendocino is magical enough on its own with the spectacular California coastline, historic villages, and amazing food and wine scene. If you’re lucky enough to be able to score a room at either the Glendeven Inn & Lodge or at the Inn at Cobbler’s Walk, you’ll feel as if you’ve escaped into your own private Shangri-La.

Glendeven Inn Property Mendocino Highway One

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Located just two miles from the historic village of Mendocino, the various buildings that make up the two inns sit on a historic 15-acre farmstead with ocean views, beautiful gardens, chickens to feed, and llamas to hang out with. Many of the rooms in this adults-only destination boast real wood-burning fireplaces, with the crackling logs and dancing flames only adding to the romantic ambiance.

Llama Feeding At Glendeven Inn

It’s llama feeding time every night at the Inn. Guests are invited and encouraged to join in. They are a friendly bunch, as Therese discovered.

There is a wine bar on site, a cozy common “library” room, a fitness room (really, who wants to work out indoors, but it’s there if you need it), and two outdoor hot tubs (Due to COVID restrictions, all of these amenities were however closed when we visited).

What room to book in which building or inn – decisions decisions

The owners of the inn, John and Mike, like to say they have a room for nearly every taste … and they are not far off. On the Glendeven Inn side of Highway 1, let’s start with the 1867 farmhouse (yes, the two-lane main highway splits the properties, which means rooms closest to the road might experience a bit of traffic noise if you’re sensitive to that – and the website even notes that quite upfront for those rooms).

There are five rooms in the farmhouse, with four of them offering ocean views. Three of the rooms are considered suites, meaning two rooms for added space and privacy. Two have wood-burning fireplaces. These rooms have a cozier design that is somewhere between the country style of the Stevenscroft building and the clean modern lines of the lodge (see more on those below).

Stevenscroft, named for Isaiah Stevens who founded the farm, was built in 1987. The unique redwood structure to the rear of the property houses four rooms that are corner to corner in an L-shaped layout, not side-by-side, for added quiet. Three of the rooms have ocean-view areas accessed through French doors and all have private exterior entrances. In keeping with their location, they have more of a country farmhouse style with, for example, wood paneling and plushier chairs.

Glendeven Inn Mendocino Pinewood Room

The Pinewood Room in Stevenscroft.

The Carriage House is adjacent to the Barn building (which houses the wine bar, closed due to COVID restrictions when we visited). The downstairs of the Carriage House features an art gallery, which was also closed when we visited due to COVID restrictions. Upstairs is a huge 750-square foot grand suite called the Barn Loft with a private entrance and no shared walls … if privacy is your thing, this is your room, but do note it’s a bit closer to the road.

Glendeven Inn Carriage House Water Towner

View of The Barn and the water tower.

In the Glendeven Lodge, built in 1987, there are 10 rooms, each with a wood-burning fireplace, fridge, microwave, long desk/counter with an office chair (for those who absolutely must work), and huge windows. Some of the rooms have ocean peekaboo views, while the front-facing rooms will give you trees or the parking lot. These rooms are modern and clean, and all have fridges and microwaves. We stayed in a downstairs lodge room during our visit and loved it!

Glendeven Lodge Mendocino Fireplace Room

Our downstairs room in the Glendeven Lodge.

Moving across the highway, let’s head to the Inn at Cobbler’s Walk (yes, the two really are the same property although each have their own, separate websites). If we have one quibble, it is that it is very hard to compare the rooms at Cobblers with the rooms at Glendeven, since they are booked on two separate websites; still, detailed charts for rooms by feature do include the entire property, so go there for help.

Inn At Cobblers Walk Mendocino

The main house was once home to the town cobbler, hence the inn’s name (but don’t ask to get your shoes fixed, as owner John says sometimes callers do). The home was completely upgraded in 2013. There is a private reading area in the mezzanine. There is also a lounge area in the former dining room with a fireplace for simply hanging out in. John and Mike really want you to enjoy and relax during your stay! There are five rooms in the main house, two with an exterior entrance.

Cobblers Walk Suite Mendocino

A Cobbler’s Walk suite.

Next to the main house is the Fourquarters Building, a redwood fourplex built in 2000, has (hence the name) four rooms. Three have a bathtub and each features a gas fireplace.

We also stayed in Rachel’s Cottage during our visit for comparison and could have stayed much longer, with its stand-alone privacy and cute back deck! The cottage features a sink, fridge, coffee maker and microwave. It also has a gas fireplace and a two-person jetted hot tub for soaking. The cottage is named for the woman who originally turned the property into an inn, Rachel Binah.

Cobblers Walk Glendeven Hotel Rachels Cottage Porch

Michael enjoying the quiet and view on the private deck at Rachel’s Cottage.

The Cobbler’s Walk rooms also lean toward clean lines without a lot of frou-frou, but everything you will need. A true caring touch permeates all the rooms on both sides of the road, underscoring the passion of the owners that their guests have what they need. Got a question? If owner John is there, you’ll also get his insider tips about a drive, trailhead, or must-order restaurant item. Staff members also ensure you don’t leave unsatisfied.

Inn At Cobbles Walk Rachels Cottage

Rachel’s Cottage with its cozy sitting area by the fireplace.

Is your head spinning a bit with all of these choices? The property has tried to help you make a decision by providing detailed charts of rooms by amenity, rooms by building, and a property map with the layout and how they relate to each other and the property. The websites are in fact packed with information to help you choose, so spend some time there, too.

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There is one more lodging offered through Glendeven: the private Beach Trail Cottage a few doors down from the Inn at Cobblers Walk. It is very private with its own full kitchen and yard. You can however order a breakfast from the lodge if you like.

You’ll feel quite special at Glendeven Inn and Cobbler’s Walk

From the minute we arrived, we felt a bit like VIPs,… but then every guest receives the same world-class welcome and treatment. It starts with your name on your own, reserved parking space! Pretty cool!

Inn At Cobblers Walk Parking Sign

Pogo (the penguin) and Quackers were a little miffed their names were not on the parking spot sign.

We picked up our welcome bag (complete with a split of Chenin Blanc wine since the wine bar happy hour was not offered due to COVID restrictions – as long as these restrictions are in place, you get a new bottle each day) and received a most thorough and friendly welcome to the inn from Sequoia. You’ll also get daily cookies, and you’ll find a little bag of chicken feed in your room so you can make the hens happy to see you. And don’t forget to take part in the familial nightly llama feeding!

After checking in and kicking our feet up in front of a fire (it was a cool, windy afternoon), we received a follow-up email complete with everything we might need or want to know about how Glendeven Inn and Cobbler’s Walk were operating with COVID changes and how to contact someone if anything was needed. Customer service is a high priority at Glendeven properties, with all staff demonstrating the same love for people as the owners.

Glendeven Lodge Foyer Mendocino Hotel

The foyer and check-in area at Glendeven Lodge.

And now it was time for a walk. Sure, there are so many things to do on the Mendocino coast, all within a short drive of where we were staying – like visiting the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens or going for a paddle on the Noyo River, or even jumping on railbikes by the Skunk Train in Fort Bragg. But with trails that lead straight from the property in multiple directions, there’s plenty to explore right here.

Glendeven is bordered by state park on three sides

The first evening we were here, we wandered right out our door from Rachel’s Cottage and directly onto the Old Cobbler’s Walk trail. The trail wound its way to the headlands with pristine views of the cliffs and ocean up and down the coastline. You can also go farther by heading onto the adjoining Spring Ranch property that was acquired by Mendocino Land Trust and is now also part of Van Damme State Park.

Van Damme State Park Fern Canyon Trail Therese Iknoian

On the Fern Canyon Trail in Van Damme State Park.

On our second day, we headed east out the lodge back door to one of several marked trail signs. The property maintains short trail connections into the Fern Canyon area of the state park. Go short or go long (up to 9+ miles if you make the round trip to the Pygmy Forest as we did); whatever you choose, you can return on foot right to your room, perhaps picking up a hot tea or cocoa in the lodge on your way. This is truly location, location, location.

On our last morning, we wandered down a trail in front of Glendeven’s Beach Trail Cottage that led directly onto the Van Damme State Park beach where we explored in the early morning mist until it was time for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast!

Inn At Cobblers Walk Breakfast Basket

At 9 a.m. each morning, there is a knock on the door announcing the arrival of the breakfast basket. Oh my, talk about delectable! Hot coffee (or other beverage) in individual thermoses, fresh-squeezed orange juice, a fruit-oriented dish (such as a fresh fruit, a yogurt parfait, or apple crisp), a hot egg-based dish (using eggs from the ranch … remember the chickens you get to feed?), and pastry or sweet breads. All made in the kitchen on site. Hot beverages are available in common areas prior to your breakfast delivery if you are an early riser.

Glendeven Inn Breakfast Laid Out

Glendeven consistently ranks as the No. 1 B&B in the area and one of the very top overall lodgings. And we can see why. It may not be the most luxurious, but its location is spectacular, and you feel such care and passion from the team there with its emphasis on all the little details.

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Glendeven Inn Inn At Cobblers Walk Perfect Mendocino Hotel Escape

Disclosure: Our lodging was hosted at the Glendeven Inn & Lodge and the Inn at Cobblers Walk. The review, opinions and ratings here are our own, and are not approved, provided, or otherwise endorsed or influenced by the hotel.​

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