When adventures call you far afield when you’re on the road, your streetwear travel jacket may not be up to snuff. In those cases, a versatile travel jacket for active adventures is a must – a great travel jacket like the Gore-Tex Running Wear Essential that protects in all kinds of weather. Gore Run Windstopper Travel Jacket with zipoff sleeves

The Gore-Tex Running Wear Windstopper Active Shell Lady Zip-Off Jacket (we know, that name is a mouthful) has something I personally love – zip-off sleeves as well as a zip-off hood. The Gore-Tex Active Shell Jacket is like four jackets in one – vest no hood, vest with hood, jacket no hood, and jacket with hood. The other beautifully versatile feature of zip-off sleeves is the ability to head off on your run, hike, walk or even bike, but if you start to warm up a bit you can simply unzip the sleeves part way for additional venting. The zip-off function gives great options, especially in changeable weather.

Plus, the Gore-Tex Running Wear Zip-Off Jacket ($179, although prices may vary by retailer) is a soft highly water-repellent Gore-Tex Windstopper fabric so you’ll stay dry in drizzles and light rain (although if it hit a true downpour, the water will eventually seep through the seams a bit). We mean it when we say it’s soft. Forget that hard stiff, loud and crunchy stuff a lot of jackets are made of. This one feels very nice.

Gore-Tex Running Wear Active Shell travel jacket: bright, light, soft

 I opted for one with pretty bright lime green side panels, sleeves and shoulders for great visibility especially during winter travels when short days mean more darkness. There are also reflective touches like side trim and the logo. You can of course opt for more subtle or basic colors, such as blues, black or red, if you choose to also wear this jacket around town – certainly a possibility.

Two full zip hand pockets are big enough to stow a phone as well as other must-have accessories or even the sleeves if you take them off totally. Draw cords at hem and hood allow a personalized fit, and a full-wrap fleecy collar lining means no chafing – and provides a cozy place to tuck your chin in chillier weather.

This Gore-Tex Running Wear travel jacket is dubbed a “comfort fit,” but remember that is a European-oriented definition of comfort. My normal size fits great, with just enough run for a midlayer if I choose one, but a few reviewers have noted it seemed to run small. A men’s version is also available for the same price. 

Versatile Gore-Tex Running Wear travel jacket for adventures

HI Travel Tales Seal of Approval for Travel Product ExcellenceThere is a lightweight, sewn-in mesh lining to protect the Windstopper membrane. Depending on your sensitivity, you may find it uncomfortable if you do not wear sleeves (although of course if you’re wearing a protective jacket like this one, wouldn’t you normally have on long sleeves?).

All in all, we quite like this travel jacket and are fully ready to bestow our HITT Seal of Approval for travel product excellence. Now, slip it on and head out on your next adventure!



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When adventures call you far afield when you’re on the road, your streetwear travel jacket may not be up to snuff. In those cases, a versatile travel jacket for active adventures is a must – a great travel jacket like the Gore-Tex Running Wear Essential that protects in all kinds of weather.

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