All-in-one press travel coffee mugs can sometimes be awkward to use with that press rod handle that sticks out of the top – or, after pressing, sits in the middle of the mug. “Intrusive,” as GSI calls it, and that is so right. For efficient packing of a travel coffee mug in suitcases or packs, it’s nice to also fill empty spaces, like mug interiors, for example with your bagged tea or ground coffee. How nice it would be to eliminate that rod in the middle.

Thanks to GSI for “perfecting” this press concept, making the Javapress Mug ($22.95) a great travel companion. This travel coffee mug has a nesting inner “mug” with the mesh “filter” in the bottom of it to brew your beverage of choice. Voila, no more intrusive plunger rod. And it works great as a press without grinds leaking into your drink.

GSI Commuter Javapress travel coffee mug

We used this mug traveling in a number of countries, as well as camping, and found it to be lightweight and adaptable. A rubberized base wrap keeps it from slipping, and a rubber lid securely locks onto the mug after you finish pressing. A sippy-type spout helps keep your beverage warm (or cool) and keeps out bugs if you’re outdoors. Plus, the “normal” diameter of the mug fits into most cup holders, from camp chairs to cars, making it an even more multifunctional travel coffee mug. In fact, without the plunger you could even use the setup to just pour other beverages into — hot toddy anyone?

One note when using the press function is the need to not be too – how shall we call it? – energetic in pressing the inner sleeve down after your coffee or tea has brewed. Too much all-at-once pressure can result in the hot liquid and grounds spewing back out the sides. Ouch (and messy too)! We found, before starting to press down, that if we just moved the inner sleeve back upwards a teeny bit to release any pressure, then pushed down slowly two or three times pausing a nano-second between pushes, any hot liquid volcanoes were avoided.

Pouring hot water into the GSI Commuter Javapress travel coffee mug

As much as we liked the mug, there was one drawback: The durable, foam-insulated (and pretty!) nylon wrap absorbs some water so a quick wash before packing it up often meant a damp exterior unless you did your best to avoid getting the outside wet (no, the cozy wrap doesn’t really come off).

Despite that one nit, all-in-all this GSI Javapress is a pretty nifty, lightweight (less than 10 ounces), multifunctional travel coffee mug … that also does tea or even serves as a multi-purpose beverage mug since you don’t have that nasty ol’ plunger to get in the way.

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