Admittedly, I am a lover of a good cuppa which is why I fell in love with the GSI Ultralight Java Drip and quite like its companion Infinity Backpacker Mug. Don’t be misled by the “backpacker” in the mug’s name. You can take it on any kind of travel where lightweight and versatile are king.

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The Java Drip ($9.95) and Infinity Mug ($9.95) aren’t brand spanking new in the GSI Outdoors line but finding a good cup of coffee wherever you are never goes out of style. That comes especially true with this travel drip coffeemaker “cone” that weighs only 3/8ths of an ounce. Yeah, you read that right – less than one-half an ounce. This Java Drip “cone” is so light it might just float away if you didn’t clip it down on the mug.

The three plastic legs on the Ultralight Java Drip fold in and out where they connect to the top rim of the coffee cone. This allows the drip coffeemaker to store completely flat. Plus, you don’t need paper coffee filters since the cone part of the Java Drip is made of an ethereal nylon that allows your brew to drip through. Thus, no extra waste to carry back out from the backcountry or toss into the landfill. (Please note: Although the Ultralight Java Drip is pictured on the GSI Outdoors website with a small plastic mug, it does not come with a mug.)

Here comes the companion ultralight Infinity Backpacker Mug at only 3.5 ounces comes in. It’s a simple, plastic, handle-less 17-ounce travel mug that rests securely in a full-wrap insulating sleeve with a webbing handle. The flexible webbing of course flattens out for easier packing and storing but still feels solid in your hand. The lid snaps on securely and has a closure that snaps down (also securely) to batten down the hatches on your warm brew while you’re juggling suitcases or packs, but it also snaps back to keep it out of your way while you are sipping.

Sure, you can use the Ultralight Java Drip with nearly any mug, from paper to porcelain to plastic, but the Infinity Mug has an edge around the rim that allows the three little feet of the Java Drip to clip absolutely securely. No fear of a crooked picnic table, uneven ground, bumpy train, or an inadvertent elbow sending the mug, your coffee grounds and hot water flying.

Able to ensure our caffeine fix on the road, the Ultralight Java Drip has earned the HI Travel Tales Seal of Approval for Travel Product Excellence.



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