The HITT Seal of Approval – what it means

HITT Seal of Approval Sample 2015Yay! A product has earned the HITT Seal of Approval! So what does it all mean other than the company’s designers and marketing team are now doing happy jigs in the street? A HITT Seal of Approval means HI Travel Tales testers think the item is so cool, so good, so useful, or so great looking and wearing that they’d buy it themselves. And Michael and Therese have more than six decades of testing and evaluating experience between them. While it may not be a “game-changing” innovation, it does what it’s supposed to do with aplomb. And we think it’s perfect in its category – or very nearly so.

Using the HITT Seal of Approval

A company that is awarded a HITT Seal of Approval is free to use the HI Travel Tales HITT Seal of Approval icon and images provided to it in any way it chooses. No modification to the icon or image is permitted. For web and email use, a company may also link back to the product review on HI Travel Tales. Contact us for more information about getting your products tested by our team and to receive needed icons in high-resolution format suitable for print reproduction.