You are looking for the perfect gifts for the travelers in your life this coming holiday season, and no one knows travel like we do. From stocking stuffers to more elegant gift selections or even for those wacky athletic folks, you will be sure to find something in our holiday travel gift guide that will delight even the most selective and picky traveling friend or family member. (Unless specifically noted, HI Travel Tales has not yet reviewed the gifts recommended, but they are on our list or even already in testing for upcoming reviews). Now, here are our winning suggestions for your Holiday Travel Gift Guide 2015:

Out-of-the-ordinary travel gift (you pick the price)

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Give a trip of a lifetime. Seriously cool! With Tinggly, you buy a gift box and add a personal message. Your lucky friend or family member then has up to two years to choose any one of hundreds of adventure activities all around the world. How about a Fast Track entry to Vatican City or express tickets to the Empire State Building for just $79? Or perhaps they deserved a bit more love with wine tasting and a dinner in Paris or windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling in the Canary Islands for $119? They will love you forever. We would. Can we be on your list? If they’ve been really good, then go for the Alaskan Northern Lights experience for two or the full-day experience on Lake Titicaca in Peru for two, for $279. To learn more about this item in our Holiday Travel Gift Guide, click here.

Tinngly Gift Box in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide 2015

Perfect for any traveler ($35 or less)

Vapur Wandervino Collection ($20) – For the wine lovers in your traveling mix, gift them with a collapsible Vapur Vintage Wine Carrier and a pair of reusable, durable, shatterproof Govino wine glasses. No traveling adventurer should be without these in the luggage since you never know when a happy hour is going to break out! To buy this for your special someone from our Holiday Travel Gift Guide and to learn more, click here.

Vapur Wandervino Collection in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide 2015

Hybridlight Journey 160 ($35) – Every traveler needs a little light … in a hotel room, on a dark walk from the train station to the pension, making your way out of the tent, or simply to find that one item now buried deeply in a dark bag. And if that light can also recharge your mobile phone and recharge its own battery from the sun, we have travel light perfection. Any traveler will rejoice since we all seek some light in our lives. (Read our review of the Hybridlight here.)

Hybridlight Journey 160 recharging a mobile phone

Matador Droplet ($15) — Compact enough to fit on a keychain and large enough for a whole outfit. Such a tiny – and cute too, She says – little gadget that can do a zillion jillion things. Oh, stop exaggerating, He says. A dry bag, wet bag, snack bag, diaper bag (eeeee-yew), it keeps water out. Or in. Never leave home without this perfect traveling companion.

Matador Droplet in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Our Holiday Travel Gift Guide has gifts to power and connect ($79 and under)

Goal Zero Flip 20 ($44) – A perfectly-sized, packable battery recharger for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and more, and absolutely essential for any traveler who relies on portable technology for photos, maps, travel details, you name it – and who doesn’t these days? Help give the gift of power and learn more by clicking here.

Goal Zero Flip in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Quikpod by Digipower selfie stick ($79) Finally, a selfie stick with a built-in power bank that allows users to power an attached camera or smartphone for up to an additional 10 hours of filming – assuming your arm last that long. Yes, it has a GoPro adapter. Yes, you may still get teased and, yes, some tourist sights are banning them too. So tell your friends to be polite when using it.

Quikpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Nite Ize PowerKey ($15 for the micro-USB to $25 for the Apple connector) – Yes, we will be that you too have forgotten to pack a connecting cord or end up fumbling for a tangled mess at the bottom of a bag. He does. She does. The Power Key (in official Apple Lightning and Micro USB options) attaches to a keychain or stows compactly in a pocket. Simply pop open the protective cover, slide out the cord and, shazam, plug in to charge or sync. Pick up this perfect stocking stuffer from our Holiday Travel Gift Guide by clicking here.

Nite Ize Power Key in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Travel cool, protected and hydrated ($30 and under)

Exofficio Sol Cool accessory package ($19 to $25) – You can’t spend all your traveling time on sunny days in hot climes looking for shade. So carry the cooling sun protection with you and do it your way. Exofficio’s Sol Cool items cool your skin and keep the burn away. Try the bandana ($19), neck gaiter ($20),  or the arm sleeves ($25). Or how about all three for mix-and-match travel protection? We’ve tried the Sol Cool technology in a shirt and love it.

ExOfficio Sol Cool accessory package in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

SPIbelt and H2O companion bottles ($10 to $30) – At home, it may be a “just a quick walk or run,” but on the road it’s also an exploration so don’t forget the smartphone and its camera, a few bills, maybe a credit card,… and if it’s hot, some water. With the SPIbelt line of lightweight, stretchy, discreet-looking waist packs made to move and travel, it’s easy. And you won’t look like a fanny-pack-wearing dork. Consider adding a bottle or two for fluids too. Slip them on the belt. Or even on your regular belt or pack.

SPIbelt and H2O companion bottle in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Go 360 for a special travel gift (priceless of course)

Kodak SP360 with Explorer Accessory Pack ($250) – We’ve been testing this camera and love it –- especially with the companion Extreme Pack for underwater play. Check out some of the 360 videos we have shot on our travels so far if you need a little more convincing ( This is a truly special gift for the photographer and traveler in your life that is sure to amaze and delight.

Kodak PixPro SP360 in the Holiday Travel Gift Guide

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