We’re pretty keen at HI Travel Tales on filling our rather small suitcase with multifunctional items. The more you can multi-task something, the more options you have, and the less you have to pack.

Therese tried a couple of Icebreaker Oasis long-sleeve tops, the Long Sleeve Crewe Top and the Long Sleeve Half Zip Top. Although there may be more technical running and workout tops from Icebreaker (mesh inserts, contrast striping and thumb loop stuff), she chose these because they could go along on a run or ski, but also work day-to-day in casual situations. The tone-on-tone stripe added a bit of interest for daywear too. And the pretty, bright colors were a hit!

Therese, heading out on the town with her Icebreaker Oasis top

Therese, heading out on the town with “the girls” while visiting in Germany … fitting in nicely with her Icebreaker Oasis Long Sleeve Zip top.