The International Donaufest (Danube) Festival has been held since 1998 and occurs every other year.  Ulm city center and the banks of the Danube river are turned into a sort of international festival to celebrate the coming together of regions and countries along the Danube that rely on the river — Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. The festival last 10 days and includes a massive fireworks display. HI Travel Tales was there this year to witness the Donaufest fireworks extravaganza from the banks of the Danube.

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Stasi Museum Leipzig – Inside the Stasi reign of terror

The Stasi Museum Leipzig is where the Stasi had its headquarters in one of former East Germany’s important industrial cities.

Urban Nation Berlin street art museum reopens with new exhibits

After being open just a year, the Urban Nation Berlin street art museum re-opened with a reinvention that truly speaks to its roots. A new exhibit, redesigned interior with an authentic street feel, and a number of artists residences make this museum in Berlin a must to visit for art lovers of all kinds.

Hohenschönhausen Memorial – Reliving the Stasi prison horrors

Many hundreds died in the Hohenschönhausen Stasi memorial prison in Berlin during its operation, with several hundred thousand spending time there as prisoners over its 40+ years. You can only visit with a guide, many of whom were former prisoners.

Stasi Museum – Berlin museum brings alive Stasi terror

The Stasi Museum Berlin brings alive the terror lived by GDR’s residents for 41 years before the Berlin Wall fell. Inside the musuem walls a visitor is reminded why the Stasi secret police force of former East Germany was one of the most feared agencies in Europe.

Teufelsberg Berlin: Abandoned spy listening post now street art gallery

Teufelsberg Berlin is at once bizarre, haunting, edgy, eerie, beautiful, inspiring, and unnerving. And frankly wandering among the rubble and ruins of the former National Security Agency listening post is too perhaps a little dangerous. And all of this makes it a perfect haven for street and urban artists.

Urban Nation museum for street art in Berlin turns city into gallery

Urban Nation museum for street art in Berlin is like no other, uniting not only the nation but also the world as it turns the German capital into a giant international open-air street art gallery. Opened in September 2017, Urban Nation is just the beginning of your tour for great street art.

Prenzlauer Berg Wasserturm: history, wine, and Berlin’s underground

The Prenzlauer Berg Wasserturm, an eye-catching round tower in the middle of Berlin, is for most simply a city park with a couple of nice-looking structures. If your timing is good, travelers can time-travel with area experts to the cisterns underground, plus learn...

Munich Peace Church a treasure built of garbage

The East-West Peace Church is hidden in a grove of trees in Munich’s busy Olympic Park. Most visitors will walk right past the little forest, but you should in fact make a beeline for the historic homestead -- a teeny village with several homemade buildings, gardens...

Munich NS Documentation Center teaches terror of Nazi reign

Not all museums are pretty, happy places. The NS Documentation Center in Munich takes a hard, sometimes painful, often horrifying look at the rise of Hitler’s National Socialist party (NS), the terror of the Nazi regime, and indeed how that relates to today’s world...

White Rose Museum a haunting memorial to anti-Nazi movement

Next time you are in Munich, be sure to plan a visit to the White Rose museum. Given the strong Nazi influence in Munich during World War II, it is not surprising that the White Rose resistance group came from the university in Munich. Such courage.

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie new city icon

At a promontory on the Elbe River in Hamburg the glistening Elbphilharmonie has held court since its opening in January 2017, becoming a city icon in the process.

Berlin photos – A collection of favorite images

Berlin is endlessly fascinating and remains one of our favorite cities in the world. We’ve included our favorite pics from our “Berlin photos” Instagram feed.

Map of Germany

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Artist's War Memorial Bethlehemkirchplatz

Museum in the Kulturbrauerie (Alltag in Der DDR)

Berlin Underground Tours - Gesundbrunnen station

Gedenkstaette Mauer

Sowohl Als Auch Restaurant and Coffee House


Potsdamer Platz

Hackescher Markt

Checkpoint Charlie

Topography of Terror Museum

Museumsinsel - Museum Island


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Reichstag Parliment Building

Brandenburger Tor

Turkish Market - Berlin

Kleinhesselhoer See, Englischer Garten

Sophie Scholl Memorial

St Nikolai Kirche

International Donaufest in Ulm

Drei Annen Hohne

Wernigerode Train Station - Brockenbahn

The Brocken

Quedlinburg Old Watch Tower

Kellerwald Forchheim beer gardens