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We were fortunate to be able to experience a four-day adventure into the Puna with Socompa Adventure Travel. The Puna, located in northwestern Argentina has an average elevation of more than 10,000 feet, with passes reaching close to 15,000. We tell people there really is nothing there, but what we mean by that is, there are no real towns, no cafés around the corner, no real civilization – the expansive area is just too remote, rugged and windblown for much other than miners (these days, seeking lithium) and adventurous travelers seeking the epitome of an off-the-beaten-path trip with spectacular landscape. We are hooked on the Puna … and you will soon see why!


Juan José Castelli

El Impenetrable National Park

Amerian Hotel - Resistencia

Hotel Portal Del Impenetrable

La Armonia

Fortin Lavalle

Misión Nueva Pompeya

Finca Valentina Hotel

Owned by Socompa Adventure Travel, Finca Valentina is the base hotel from which most adventures begin in the Puna. Read our story on the Puna here.

Hosteria el Penon

Hosteria el Penon is a surprising oasis in the middle of the rugged Puna and where most Socompa Adventure Travel tours spend a night or two. Read our story on the Puna here.

Tolar Grande

Tolar Grande is a mining town located at an elevation of 11,509 feet and typically a place where Puna adventurers spend a night. Read our story on the Puna here.