As a traveler, adventurer, and artist I have long enjoyed sketching and painting, but it was not until a bucket-list trip in 2012 where I crewed on a sailboat for the crossing from Fiji to New Zealand that I discovered a passion for channeling my creative side on the iPad and creating unique pieces of iPad art. My original pieces were quick sketches and watercolors created with the program Paper53. I also draw and paint, favoring oil pastel, ink and watercolor, working primarily in the program Procreate as I enjoy the numerous brushes and pens and wide color pallet to choose from. My art captures scenes from my travels around the world, travels shared with my photographer wife, Therese Iknoian. Frequently, my artwork is used to illustrate stories from our travels that appear on Selected pieces of my iPad artwork are also created and sold specifically to benefit nonprofit organizations, such as Big City Mountaineers.

Enjoy a slide show featuring some of my favorite iPad art sketches and watercolors taken from my Paper 53 travel journal and painted or drawn while traveling around the world. Simply click on any thumbnail to view the artwork in larger size.

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