For many women, choosing a travel bra can be a challenge. Each item in the luggage is but one more thing to pack. Which is why for our travel adventures, I like to opt for multifunctional (one bra for a run, hike, dinner out, etc.). Still, an excellent, versatile, easy-wash-n-dry travel bra that provides needed support and mandatory comfort isn’t easy to find. Then I discovered the new Knixwear Evolution Bra. Go buy one now. You will not regret it.

Gushing aside, why is the Knixwear Evolution Bra so amazing? Well, everything that makes a good bra – and thus a good travel bra – is built into this piece. The patented seamless bonded construction fits like a glove without feeling like armor. It molds to your curves, stays comfortable without binding, and doesn’t have seams or elastic bands to rub or irritate.

Sold with two sets of straps (one in the color of each side), the Evolution Bra (USD $55) is also reversible and convertible so you can effectively wear it eight ways — regular straps, cross-back straps, with same or contrasting straps, or reversed as above.

Knixwear travel bra

In a bra, however, one wants practical use and travel function too:

  • This is lighter than most (I tried the unlined but a padded version will be available too for increased, uh, vanity in a travel bra).
  • Antimicrobial / Anti-odor. With silver fibers permanently bonded into the fabric, it fights bacteria and stink. Ssssh… I have worn it for a week with nary a smell and not a wash on the schedule. I bet I could wear it longer.
  • Quick drying. No, I haven’t sat next to it and timed it, but it easily dries in four hours or less, depending on the climate. Even three hours or MUCH less. AMAZING!
  • Moisture wicking. I even tried it on a run (B cup) to see if that could work. This kind of movement may not be comfortable for larger-breasted women, although with my size I forgot I was wearing “just” a regular bra. Certainly hiking, walking, yoga and other low- to non-impact activities should be quite doable for most any size, depending on your sensitivity.

Knixwear Evolution bra: endless comfort

What else? Support without underwire. As good as invisible underneath garments. Four-way stretch. A wide three-clasp back that adds no bulk, is easy to attach and lies flat without poking or pinching. The reversible option is interesting since that mandates the clasp is attached “backward” from any other bra; at first, that feels a bit awkward, but it does work.

Sizing is a bit different – cross-referencing rib measurements with cup sizes for sizes 1-8 — and will take some study your first time. There is also a video to help you figure it out, plus a page showing photos of the Evolution travel bra on different size woman. Plus, the new Knixwear company is eager to consult with you personally, if needed. This rather complex sizing method helps the fit be what it is. Which is nothing short of perfect at least for myself and, I expect, for others too. To see the bra on women of all different sizes, click here. To watch a video on how to measure, click here.

HI Travel Tales Seal of Approval for Travel Product ExcellenceThe Canadian Knixwear company began just a couple of years ago with a line of women’s leak-proof and absorbent, yet sleek underwear using an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. That underwear has now sold more than 100,000 pairs in 35 different countries, according to the website.

The Knixwear Evolution Bra, available as of spring/summer 2016, will change how you feel about bras, let alone travel bras and comfort. One multitasking bra in the suitcase (maybe two, just in case). The problem is, I don’t want to wear anything else now!


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My goodness, the Knixwear bra has without a blink of doubt earned the HITT seal of approval for travel product excellence!


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