Being mobile as a traveler these days mostly demands you carry a little juice to keep your devices functioning – camera, smartphone, tablet, you name it. The Lander Cascade Powerbank charger line is sleek, durable and reliable for a traveler’s needs.

I tried the smallest in the three-charger Cascade Powerbank line, the 2600 mAh ($34.99), intended for one-charge use. (The 5200, $49.99, is pegged for two full charges, while the largest 7800, $69.99, is labeled as a three-charge battery.)

For less remote travels, I really liked the smallest Lander Cascade charger. I loved the sleek rounded, durable exterior (they call it “outdoor inspired”) that snuggled well into packs, purses and bags and simply felt good in your hand too. When put into operation, you could plug it into a phone and slip the charger and phone into a pocket easily for continued phone use.

Call me simple, but the reflective lanyard on the Lander charger made so much sense (and is so helpful); I adored this feature. I also found the auto-off function a great way to save energy without having to remember to turn off a charger.

Lander Cascade charger has a simple rugged design

Two slots for your cable make it a snap to charge: put the micro-USB end of the cable into the charge and the regular USB into a wall charger or computer. When charged and ready to use, flip the cable to put the regular USB into the charger and the micro into your mobile device. I also quite liked the Lander cable accessory made with a flat, tangle free design. How many times do you get frustrated by spaghetti piles of cables all wound up wrong? This design keeps it simple and neat while doing the job it is supposed to.

One little trick is that you do have to remember to press in a tiny button on the end when you want to charge a device. Many chargers don’t require a button be pushed to be turned on so at first it was easy to forget to turn on the Lander Cascade charger and just plug in a smartphone then get frustrated when the phone was still dying. But that is frankly user error and not a fault of the Lander brand or the Cascade charger.

We are most pleased to award the Lander 2600 mAh Cascade Charger with the HITT Seal of Approval for Travel Product Excellence.

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