As the countdown to your holiday celebrations continues, have you gotten all those little gifts for travelers in your life yet? HI Travel Tales has a few suggestions for quick, cool, practical travel gifts.

Six last-minute ideas for gifts for travelers

Gifts for travelers - Balega Blister Resist SocksBalega socks – OK, so we know socks may remind you of those YAWN gifts you got as a kid from some old aunt, but these days any active, adventurous traveler in your life can appreciate comfortable socks. And quality travel socks for active wear don’t come cheap. From run to outdoor, from no-show to crew, from thin to thicker, these Balega socks have great fit, feel soft and last forever. Try the new Balega Blister Resist sock line, including the running socks , the Natural Fiber Performance with yummy mohair, or the Second Skin Fit Ultralight. Wear it for a day on your feet touring, on a train, and then for a run or hike. Balega is one of several perfect surprise gifts for travelers. $7.50-$15.

Gifts for travelers - CamelBak ForgeCamelBak Forge Insulated Travel Mug – That hot beverage is a lifesaver on the road. Emphasis on hot. Disappointed with mugs that let a steaming cuppa cool down too quickly? Try this gift for the traveler: the Forge Insulated Travel Mug (12 or 16 ounces). Vacuum insulation in this travel mug with a super secure top means a hot beverage that doesn’t dribble or leak on your travelers. $29-30

Gifts for travelers - Eagle Creek Pack-It Wet Dry LockerEagle Creek Pack-It Sport packing organizers – Every adventurer needs a little organization. So you can think of this gift for travelers that will do just that. HI Travel Tales has recommended the Pack-it Specter organizers in the past  – still swear by them. Now Eagle Creek has an athletically oriented line – perfect travel gifts! We really like the Wet Dry Fitness Locker sport with an internal baffled design for flexibility. Wet or dirty clothes and gear in one side and clean in the other side. Or try other kits or shoe bags. $18-$27.

Exotac FREEKeyExotac FREEKey key chain – This is one of those simple, even simplistic, gifts for travelers. Keys are a way of life when you are on-to-go. So tame them with a lightweight system that can keep up with your traveler. We loved it for our traveling adventures. $7.49

Gifts for travelers - Magic Opener OriginalMagic Opener Original for bottles and cans – Yes, we at Hi Travel Tales can be skeptical of those “As Seen on TV” gimmicks. But then came the Magic Opener. Use it to open flip tops, tab tops, pop tops or screw tops quickly without a struggle or a broken nail (That tip from the female side of HITT). It’s not necessarily small at 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, but it’s that size (with a depth of 7/8 inch) that gives you a good grip. At not even 3 ounces, it’s certainly perfect as one of our picks for gifts for travelers and can be tossed into any pack or bag without much of a thought. $19.99

Gifts for travelers - MyPakage underwearMyPakage undies for men – OK, OK, so we understand that undies are typically not considered a cool holiday gift, but add a dose of attitude, an outstanding brand name and a ton of comfort, and undies as gifts for travelers are once again cool. MyPakage starts with its so-called Keyhole Comfort Technology that creates a 3-dimensional pouch to support the, ummm, package. We’ve tested ‘em (the male side of HITT, that is), and trust Him when he says, ooo lah lah. Add in flat, smartly placed seaming for no irritation or chafing, a no-roll waistband, and quick-dry fabrics, and we’re approaching underwear nirvana…. You can feel really good about giving the traveler a gift package to support his package. $45


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Six last-minute gifts for travelers

As the countdown to your holiday celebrations continues, have you gotten all those little gifts for travelers in your life yet? HI Travel Tales has a few suggestions for quick, cool, practical travel gifts.

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