It doesn’t take you very long to determine Frank Hugelmeyer is  pretty comfortable traveling to exotic places. Apparently, that’s what happens after spending your childhood on a sport fishing boat and then 30 years or so promoting the sporting goods, fitness, outdoor and RV lifestyles across the globe.

Frank Hugelmeyer skiing the steep stuff

Frank has built a career from pursuing a life well-lived and encouraging others to go on a similar, active journey. Currently, he is the president of the RV Industry Association and co-chairs Go RVing. Prior to that, he was the longtime president and CEO of the Outdoor Industry Association.

Over the years, Frank has fly-fished Alaska’s Kongakut, paddled Costa Rica’s Pacuare River, kayaked Halong Bay in Vietnam, dived the Great Barrier Reef, and climbed mountains across North America and Europe. As you’ll hear on our podcast conversation with Frank, in June 2018 he went RVing across America and can finally say he has stepped foot in all 50 states.

Frank Hugelmeyer scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef

When he is not playing outside, Frank Hugelmeyer sits on the boards of various trade and conservation organizations and is often found hanging out in the great places he is trying to conserve. While his current job gives him the opportunity to rub shoulders with various governors, senators and the White House, he’ll tell you it has always been his travels through the world’s cities and streets that bring real meaning to his life.

Frank Hugelmeyer

Frank now lives near Washington, D.C., but still calls Colorado home. And when he’s not in either place, he’s likely to be found gallivanting around Europe with his wife, Nancy, or perhaps fly-fishing on a scenic and faraway river with his son, Cole.

Frank Hugelmeyer Pinterest

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