One thing never to forget to tuck into your bag for travel is a small travel light of some sort, as we recommend in our packing tips story. But what travel light do you pack? A mini travel flashlight? A compact headlamp? A safety light? A reading light?

How about one light that does it all? A do-it-all mini travel flashlight is our kind of light! Especially a versatile travel flashlight that weighs only 2.7 ounces by Nite Ize called the 3-in-1 LED Mini Flashlight ($11.99)

It’s small enough at 4.5 inches by 1 inch to fit into a pocket, suitcase, backpack or purse so you’re never without a quick light. But there’s more:

  • Pull out the front section at the bulb to transform the small travel light into a lantern that offers pleasant ambient light — in a tent, a hostel, or perhaps a hotel room when your companion is trying to sleep.
  • There is also a red ring that lights up on the other end so you have a very useable yet small travel safety light. HI Travel Tales has used it, for example, to not disturb eyes while lighting up a camera to adjust settings in the dark. The safety light can be set to three modes: glow, flash or SOS.

In both the flashlight and lantern modes you can also choose between low (15 lumens) and high (80 lumens) light output.

Despite being a mini travel flashlight it’s also powerful, enabling you to scan ahead on a trail, down a dark hallway or street, or around a campsite up to about 164 feet (50 meters). Plus, for a such a small travel flashlight, its battery life is impressive,  boasting a runtime of two hours on high and up to 9 hours 25 minutes on low. It runs on 1 AA Alkaline battery, which is also included.

Nite Ize 3 in 1 Mini Travel Flashlight and Tiny Scruffles, our traveling bear at dinner

Thanks to Nite Ize mini travel light, Tiny Scruffles was able to see the rose he brought to dinner preparations on our backpacking trip.

The Nite Ize 3-in-1 mini travel flashlight has already been to several countries with us as well as around the United States, plus on a backpacking weekend when we loved the lantern mode as a way to add a low glow to dinner preparations at the campsite.

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