Every traveler needs a good, solid, versatile t-shirt. One you can hand wash or machine wash without too much worry, and one that works just as well on a city street as it does on a mountain trail, day after day after day. The Rab MeCo 120 short sleeve tee is such a beast.

A blend of 65 percent merino wool and 35 percent polyester with 37.5 fabric technology (more on that in a second), the Rab MeCo t-shirt ($70) feels great to wear on hot or cool days, on its own or as part of a layering system. It also dries very quickly. How? It’s that 37.5 thing: Essentially, and without getting too technical, the polyester fibers in the shirt are embedded with teeny tiny activated carbon bits that increase the surface area for water to be attracted to, thereby speeding evaporation, on or off the body. Combined with the natural antimicrobial properties of merino, the 37.5 technology also helps minimize bacterial growth and thus unpleasant odors if this travel shirt has been worn, say, for several consecutive days without being washed.

The Rab MeCo 120 t-shirt is made with flatlock seams (so there are no nasty, bulky spots to rub against the skin, perfect for sensitive folks).

Standing by a pagoda in my Rab MeCo 120 layback tee on a trip to China.

Keep in mind that the fit is a slim cut, which is ideal for my build (5 foot 6 inches and a stocky 160 pounds) but it might be a bit tight for some. The one quibble I have with the shirt, and frankly the only reason the Rab MeCo 120 is not earning a HITT Seal of Approval, is the shirt began pilling after several weeks of intensive (as in everyday!) wear. While the pilling is minimal, it is noticeable, which made my wife nix it for a nicer evening out.

Still, despite the pilling, the Rab MeCo 120 t-shirt remains a favorite travel shirt. In fact, I’m wearing it right now as I write this review while traveling to another part of the globe.

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