Every traveler needs a good, solid, versatile t-shirt. One you can hand wash or machine wash without too much worry, and one that works just as well on a city street as it does on a mountain trail, day after day after day. The Rab MeCo 120 short sleeve tee is such a beast.

A blend of 65 percent merino wool and 35 percent polyester with 37.5 fabric technology (more on that in a second), the Rab MeCo t-shirt ($70) feels great to wear on hot or cool days, on its own or as part of a layering system. It also dries very quickly. How? It’s that 37.5 thing: Essentially, and without getting too technical, the polyester fibers in the shirt are embedded with teeny tiny activated carbon bits that increase the surface area for water to be attracted to, thereby speeding evaporation, on or off the body. Combined with the natural antimicrobial properties of merino, the 37.5 technology also helps minimize bacterial growth and thus unpleasant odors if this travel shirt has been worn, say, for several consecutive days without being washed.

The Rab MeCo 120 t-shirt is made with flatlock seams (so there are no nasty, bulky spots to rub against the skin, perfect for sensitive folks).

Standing by a pagoda in my Rab MeCo 120 layback tee on a trip to China.Keep in mind that the fit is a slim cut, which is ideal for my build (5 foot 6 inches and a stocky 160 pounds) but it might be a bit tight for some. The one quibble I have with the shirt, and frankly the only reason the Rab MeCo 120 is not earning a HITT Seal of Approval, is the shirt began pilling after several weeks of intensive (as in everyday!) wear. While the pilling is minimal, it is noticeable, which made my wife nix it for a nicer evening out.

Still, despite the pilling, the Rab MeCo 120 t-shirt remains a favorite travel shirt. In fact, I’m wearing it right now as I write this review while traveling to another part of the globe.


Dale of Norway Basic Sweater – travel versatility from work wear to evening

Travel clothing needs to do a lot of things if it is going to make the cut into our suitcases for a trip. And the Dale of Norway Basic Sweater did all that and more.
I tried the Dale of Norway sweater called “Basic Feminine,” but the same sweater is available as a men’s version called – you guessed it – “Basic Masculine.”

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Rab MeCo 120 a versatile travel shirt

Every traveler needs a good, solid, versatile t-shirt. One you can hand wash or machine wash without too much worry and one that works just as well on a city street as it does on a mountain trail, day after day after day. The Rab MeCo 120 short sleeve tee is such a beast.

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Arborwear Canopy pants perfect for adventure travel

I was sitting a chair at the dentist’s office, pretty comfy in my Arborwear Canopy pants, which have also become a go-to everyday wear. Then my dental hygienist walks in and immediately exclaims, “Those pants look amazing, I have to get a pair for my husband!” You know your pants are scoring when even your dental hygienist notices them.

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Stonewear Designs Rockin Pants review

The Rockin Pant isn’t new, but for those in the know, it’s a true classic and ideal do-it-all travel pant. Stonewear Designs has had it in the line since 2007. Bet there’d be a riot if it were taken out. And at HI Travel Tales, we’ve long believed in recognizing what is good, not just what is new. With that in mind, we felt a review that recognized this pant’s long-lasting excellence for travel was due.

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Insect repellent clothing: Keep bugs away without sprays or lotions

Keep mosquitoes, ticks, flies, chiggers and more from biting without dousing your skin with chemicals. How? With insect repellent clothing infused with permethrin, a chemical approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There is no odor, you don’t have to worry about reapplying chemicals or their potential hazards, and the insect repellency lasts at least 70 launderings, which is the life expectancy of such treated garments per manufacturers.

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Patagonia creates a perfect travel shirt

Going light and compact is the name of the game when traveling. But finding a perfect travel shirt that will work for running or workouts and still look dressy enough for a museum or restaurant has been a somewhat elusive task. That just changed with Patagonia’s Long...
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Outdoor Research HighCamp Mitts ensure toasty digits

Loving the HighCamp Mitts! Being a stereotypical woman, my hands are frequently cold. It could be 55 degrees and I’m wearing gloves. Some women have shoe collections? I have a glove collection! Which means when preparing to travel to colder climes I find myself staring at piles of fleece gloves, soft shell gloves, windproof or insulated mitts and wondering which one will work.

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Prana Stretch Zion pants functional style perfect for travel

A perfect travel pant sounds easy, but it’s not. Too many are durable and functional enough for outdoor adventure yet they also leave me looking like should be heading out on safari rather than a night out in Paris. And those that offer urban style are rarely stain-resistant, water-resistant and abrasion resistant enough to handle anything but the mildest of outdoor activity. The Prana Stretch Zion pants ($80), however, comes as close to travel pant perfection as any.

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