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Keys are a fact of life, even when you travel. Keys to rental cars, hotels, friend’s houses and other places – often on clunky, hard-to-manage key rings. Say no to bricks some inn wants you to schlepp around or a myriad of loose keys you need for the VRBO … one for the gate, one for the front door, one for the laundry.  The solution is packing along a simple, lightweight, key ring that isn’t a battle to get keys on and off, like the Exotac FREEKey.

Exotac FREEKey

Easy off, easy on, easy access key ring

It was a light-bulb experience when I first used the Exotac FREEKey. Like a slap-on-the-head “duh” thing. The Exotac FREEKey’s flat metal loops that make up the ring aren’t a battle to separate because of a slight wave in one of the ring loops. That curve or bump causes the rings to kind of rock back and forth. The “teeter-totter” rocking effect means you get a slight gap at the opening that allows such easy on and easy off of keys from the FREEKey ($4.49), it’s “freakie” ridiculous.

Exotac FREEKey

You just press down one side and slip a key on or off. Exotac says the stainless steel easy off FREEKey is good for up to five keys.


Easy key system with add-on rings

There’s also a FREEKey System ($7.49) that comes with three mini rings, also flat in shape, so you can separate keys into groups to remove or add as needed – great for traveling. For example, you may have your car or house key from home with you but who wants to carry them around all the time? Put them on one mini ring and leave them in a secure place where you are staying. Then add a rental car key when you have that and change out the key to accommodation as you move about – remember, easy on and easy off!

It’s small enough (1 3/8 inch diameter) and lightweight enough (0.3 ounce) to not give it a second thought as a take-along.

The Exotac FREEKey is simple, inexpensive item that will travel the world with you. Thus, HI Travel Tales’ HITT Seal of Approval for travel product excellence is granted without a second thought.