Snorkeling in Fiji along the coral reefs

by Mar 4, 2014Australia|Oceania

Snorkeling in Fiji along the many coral reefs are one of the many amazing things to do in Fiji. Photos will help you plan a visit Fiji snorkeling adventure.

There are so many wonderful places to see in Fiji. And snorkeling in Fiji along the many coral reefs are but one. Scroll through each slide to enjoy and read the captions full of useful information to help guide your next “visit Fiji” exploration. If snorkeling is not your thing, then you might enjoy reading a detailed story about our visit to Koroyanitu and Abaca, Discover hidden paradise in Fiji’s Koroyanitu park, Abaca village. Click here to view a slide show for more visual inspiration to plan your visit to Koroyanitu. Or perhaps gardens are more to your liking? Then click here to read Fiji’s Garden of the Sleeping Giant: Orchids forever!

Enjoy the Snorkeling in Fiji Slides Below:

snorkeling in Fiji means riding a dingy.

Sharon Hampton and Michael Hodgson heading back to our base, the SV Reality after a glorious hour of snorkeling in Fiji.

Snorkeling in Fiji with colorful fish

Colorful staghorn coral amazes almost as much as the brightly colored fish you see in Fiji.

warm water snorkeling in Fiji

Therese Iknoian snorkels along the lagoon surface in warm Fiji waters.

Blue water while snorkeling in Fiji.

Yes, the water really is this blue in Fiji.

Splashes of bright color snorkeling along the coral reefs in Fiji

Blues, purples, browns, greens and flashes of orange. Its almost surreal.

snorkeling in Fiji reveals a wonderful world just feet below the surface

Hard to believe this magical world is only 5 to 15 feet below the surface of the water in Fiji.

snorkeling in Fiji along the living reefs

Shapes, colors and textures along the living reefs of Fiji.

colorful fish in Fiji when snorkeling

Sharon Hampton hovers 20 feet below the surface for a photo of tiny, colorful fish in Fiji.

Lots of colorful coral to see when snorkeling in Fiji

With underwater scenery like this, its sometimes hard to remember you have to surface to breathe!

Snorkeling in Fiji full of color

Splashes of color in both the fish and the coral create eye-catching scenes over and over when snorkeling in Fiji.

Lots of blue fish to see when snorkeling in Fiji

Blue fish dancing everywhere among the coral reef in Fiji.

Finding Nemo ... or should we say many Nemos among the coral reefs of Fiji.

Finding Nemo … or should we say many Nemos among the coral reefs of Fiji.

snorkeling in fiji is a visual feast of color

Everywhere you look when snorkeling in Fiji, it is a brightly colored visual feast.

not all fun and games snorkeling in fiji

Lest you think it is all fun and games sailing in Fiji, Sharon Hampton and Michael Hodgson are working here to scrub the bottom of SV Reality to remove barnacles and algae.

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