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Amazing street art in Salta captures the imagination

by Nov 20, 2017Argentina

Photo Diary Street Art In Salta Of A House With Woman
Street art can be found all over Argentina, of course, but street art in Salta has a long-standing tradition of producing some incredible pieces. We captured a number of them but know we only scratched the surface. Take a look at our Instagram feed for more or enjoy perusing the Salta section on, which covers the WORLD of graffiti!

Thinktank X Ready For Moment

The subject: Graffiti done with artistry, best known these days as street art. Walking the streets in the city of Salta, one often comes across panels of art on the sides of buildings – some colorful, some moody, some joyous and childlike, some dark and troubling. Whatever the street art is, it helps a city come alive, often saying something about the culture and life there.

The inspiration: Discovering the beauty in street art in Salta! Often, residents seemed to walk right past walls of color and inspiration, waiting for buses in front of the art without a glance, checking mobile phone emails, tending to kids. As travelers, we found every piece of art made us stop in our tracks.

This one seemed to combine a little bit of Wizard of Oz with a floating house. The woman seems to be dreaming, while the dog is quite at attention. And those chairs? All of it leaves you standing, cocking your head and wondering what it means. But it makes you think.

Artist’s tools: My Sony a6500 is a small mirrorless DSLR that travels well. Its compact size means you don’t stand out as much as a tourist. In this case, trying to get shots on a narrower city street, I used a wider angle of 19mm (meaning more like a 28mm since the a6500 is a crop lens), with my go-to medium zoom of 18-105 for super flexibility in many situations on the road. I was set at 1/125th of a second at f/4.5 to gather more light on a darker piece of art in street shadows. I prefer to avoid over-processing, so this has only the simplest of touches to bring out the colors a bit more. This photo of street art in Salta was taken in October 2017.

Want to learn more about Salta, Argentina? Check out our city guide on that northern Argentina city.


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