Georgia, once a Soviet Republic and located between Europe and Asia, is a unique destination for those interested in adventure, culture, food and wine.

As you will see in this brief “Taste of Georgia” video from our friends at GLP Films, this is a country and people very proud of its culinary and wine heritage. In fact, it is thought that the world’s first wine was produced in a small village 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) south of the capital, Tbilisi. And the country’s way of making wine in clay jars (called “Qvevri”) buried underground has been recognized by UNESCO as culturally significant with a world heritage cultural designation.

Also garnering UNESCO world heritage recognition for culture is Georgia’s style of polyphonic singing and, in this video, you will meet and hear folk music artist Beso Tshitanava. We challenge you not to smile.

You’ll also meet Meriko Gubeladze, owner of Shavi Lomi restaurant in Tbilisi. If your mouth is not watering by the time you finish watching her segment, we will be very surprised.

Time to start booking a trip? We think so. To learn more about the flavors, history and wine featured in taste of Georgia, visit Georgia Travel.