Teddy Bear Wisdom: Travel with your best friend

by Feb 27, 2017Traveling Teddy Bears

Dr Whoo And Tony Make Snow Angels

Teddy Bear Wisdom — Travel with your best friend

When best friends travel together, it is often called the truest test of friendship. Traveling together can reveal the warts in a friendship that may not have been so evident at home, especially if you discover on your first trip together your friend wants to experience every funky bar and discotheque in town and only wants to eat American food while you crave quiet evenings and prefer local cuisine. But, if your friendship is solid and you can communicate well with each other, are respectful of each others opinions, needs and expectations, and can be flexible (read compromise), traveling with a best friend can be an amazing experience. Realize too that even friends need personal time, which is ideal if you want to curl up with a book about the history in the town while your friend wants to go out and shake the tail feathers at a local dive bar.

Dr. Whoo and Tony have been traveling together now for several years. And as you can tell, they are not exactly similar in style or even appearance though they have become the best of friends. And that is because they have learned to work together, listen to each other, encourage each other, and they communicate openly and honestly a lot. They are also both willing to try new things together, as you can see in this photo. While Dr. Whoo is an expert at snow angels (you can make fabulous snow angels when you lay down and simply spread your wings and flap you know), Tony had never experienced snow or made a snow angel. So when it began snowing during their visit to Berlin in February, Dr. Whoo immediately began scouting for the perfect snow for Tony to experience making his first snow angel in. Tony was so happy (and a little surprised at how cold the snow was as you can see by the wide eyes) to make his first snow angel imprint in a fresh patch of Berlin snow.

And this is another wonderful thing about travel with your best friend. The experiences you get to share together, forever.

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