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Off to spend a few weeks sailing the South Pacific on a 50-foot boat means the need for non-slip foot protection while on board. Plus, any travel footwear for a sailboat must have non-marking soles, be lightweight, multifunctional, super comfortable, and be able to handle a dip in the drink … if it comes to that. Which it always does.

Staying sure-footed and comfyin the Teva Slimkosi aboard the sailing vessel Reality in New Caledonia.

Staying sure-footed and comfy by wearing the Teva Slimkosi water sneaker aboard the sailing vessel Reality in New Caledonia.

She packed the Teva Slimkosi water sneaker (which oddly is called a “fashion sneaker” on some etail websites). And literally lived in this shoe.

  • Non-slip? Check.
  • Lightweight? Check. (8 ounces)
  • Protective for working the ropes and scampering around the boat deck? Absolutely.
  • Easy on and off, plus enough of a sole to handle land excursions? She even confirmed this and she is picky about foot support. One benefit is the ability to fold down the back and use it as a quite slip-on too.
  • Cute? Well, heck, who wants a go-everywhere shoe if it’s not cute? Absolutely! You can work on the deck then head out to the local market or bakery and never feel like a dork.

A sticky rubber outsole means great traction even when the deck was wet from an aggressive wave or laundry day. Drainage channels on the forefoot clear out water if you have to hop out of the dinghy to tow it to shore. But it dries quickly too.

The synthetic and mesh upper on the Teva Slimkosi ($65) keeps it sleek and simple.

All in all: Did we say we loved this shoe? It’s available in a men’s style too and yes, we are pleased to give the shoe our HITT Seal of Approval.