The ’70s: The Noon-eolithic period

  • There’s only one outdoor trade publication, NOON – the National Outdoors Outfitters News.
  • Disco.

The ’80s: The birth

  • NOON editor Ted Eugenis leaves the magazine, moves back to Oregon where he and fellow NOONie, Bob Woodward, conceive SNEWS® in November of 1983.
  • The first issue is mailed to a subscriber list of 50 in February 1984.

Later ’80s: The growth

  • SNEWS® continues to grow offering what one reader called, “coverage that’s a cross between the New York Times and the National Enquirer.”
  • Outdoor Retailer magazine begins publishing. NOON becomes Outside Business magazine.
  • Eugenis leaves. Bob Woodward now sole SNEWS® czar.

1990s: Thwarting the pirates

  • Pirated Xerox copies of SNEWS® start popping up in break rooms in outdoor industry businesses.
  • The Macarena.
  • Woodward buys reams of copy-proof hot pink and orange paper to thwart the non-subscribing pirates. Trees mourn.

2000: New kids in town

  • SNEWS® turns 16 and gets its driver’s license.
  • Woodward begins handing off leadership to Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian who trademark the name SNEWS®.
  • In November 2000, SNEWS® launches its password-protected website

2001: Logging on

2002: Launching the network

  • Ownership of SNEWS® transfers completely to Hodgson and Iknoian.
  • Gene Treacy joins Hodgson and Iknoian in fall as a partner.
  • The GearTrends® Network lifts off. Starts publishing feature- and trends-driven magazines for outdoor and fitness. Gearheads rejoice.

2004: Expanding the empire

2005: All grown up

  • SNEWS® turns 21, can legally drink.
  • Fitness goes nuts over its own news. The team adds a second FitBiz in the fall.

2006: The electronic monty

  • eFitBiz is born when FitBiz goes 100 percent electronic. Trees rejoice. Again.
  • Woodward wraps holiday gifts in pink and orange paper. Again.

2007: Blowing out five candles

  • Mike Mooers joins management team as Minister of Mojo.
  • GearTrends® celebrates fifth year as a growing business.
  • Dec. 21: SNEWS® is acquired by Active Interest Media. The legacy not only continues, it promises to grow.

2008: Rebranding & “War and Peace”

  • GearTrends® magazines become SNEWS® magazines with the Summer Outdoor and Fitness issues.
  • We completely redesign our magazines and launch with a new logo
  • Our first reader survey — so long it was dubbed the War and Peace of surveys, generates huge response and confirms SNEWS® remains the market news and information leader for both outdoor and fitness.

2009: Bye-bye GearTrends® and hello new SNEWS® website

  • disappears and become the GearTrends® Ad Marketplace in SNEWS®.
  • SNEWS® launches a new design and features based on reader feedback from our 2008 reader survey.

2010: Hello SNEWS® TV and we take over production of the OR Daily

  • A star is born. SNEWS TV® ( launches to rave reviews and feedback in August.
  • SNEWS® announces in Sept. that it has been awarded the contract to take over production of the OR Daily and OR Planning Guide — click here to read the announcement. With this, the OR Daily returns home, as it was founded in 1995 by SNEWS staffers Michael Hodgson and Wendy Geister…then part of the Outdoor Retailer magazine staff.
  • We launch our WinterSports channel in November, headlined by none other than Peter Kray, a veteran wintersports journalist.

2011: Building our Boulder base, and goodbye to Therese

  • David Clucas joins the Boulder offices as senior writer in January.
  • We say so long to Wendy Geister, our managing editor, in March.
  • Ana Trujillo joins us in June as an assistant editor, and we promptly send her packing — on her very first backpacking trip to Yosemite with the Columbia crew. We know … tough first week on the job.
  • Therese Iknoian says goodbye after 11 years on Dec. 31 — click here to read.
  • We close our Grass Valley offices for good. SNEWS is now Boulder-based.

2012: SNEWS 3.0 era begins

  • January 3, Megan Mulligan joins the team in Boulder as our new editor-in-chief.
  • Michael Hodgson steps away from SNEWS after 11 years on Jan. 31 and turns over control of the company to Mulligan — click here to read.
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